10th China Fruit & Vegetable Expo Invitation

Nov - 15
10th China Fruit & Vegetable Expo Invitation

10th China Fruit & Vegetable Expo Invitation


Thoyu will attend the 10th China Fruit & Vegetable Expo on 22-24, November, 2017. We hope we can meet you at this Expo and sincerely invite you to our booth!

10th China Fruit & Vegetable Expo Invitation

The information of our booth as follows:

Exhibition: 10th China Fruit & Vegetable Expo

International Fruit & Vegetable Expo

Date: 22-24, November, 2017

Booth No.: A128

Contact: Tina Wang and Mary

Mobile: 0086 15937167907

Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

(No.333, Songze Avenue, Shanghai, China)

Products of Exhibit Poster

10th China Fruit & Vegetable Expo Invitation

As above shows, we will exhibit fruit grading machines and vegetable sorting machine, such as dates grading machine, garlic grading machine, orange cleaning and grading machine, pomegranate weight grading machine, potato cleaning and grading machine, sweet potato washing grading machine and so on.

China Fruit & Vegetable Expo Introduction 

China Fruit & Vegetable Expo is the only professional trade exhibition held in mainland China for the producers, distributors, service providers and retails of fresh fruit and vegetables worldwide. iFresh aims to create a convenient, transparent, mutual trust, win-win business ecosystem of agricultural products, and then achieve the great mission of “the best assistant for producers to sell their fresh produce”!

The 10th iFresh China Fruit & Vegetable Expo will be held in 22nd-24th November, 2017 in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). The exhibition area is over 15,000 square meters with over 500 exhibitors and 25,000 professional visitors.

Last 9th iFresh Expo (held on 14th-16th November, 2016 in Shanghai New International Expo Center) attracted total 35687 professional visitors in 3 days. They are from more than 27 countries like Australia, Korea, Japan, USA, Germany, Argentina, Netherland, Singapore, UK, Italy, France, Poland, Malaysia, Canada, India, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Greece, Peru, Chile, Israel etc. And professional visitors also came from 31 domestic provinces, including Hong Kong and Taiwan. The on-site signed contract rate reached 80% with turnover surpassing 20 billion RMB.

Chinese growers, retailers and suppliers from across the country travelled down to Shanghai to showcase newly harvested fruits and industry supplies. The fresh apple and pear varieties, large amounts of kiwifruit, citrus, melons, and tropical produce from the South of China, such as mangoes, papaya and wax apples and other numerous landmark products globally are gathered at the scene of the iFresh Fair.

The exhibition provides a strong overview of the Chinese fresh produce market and trends. Most exhibitors and attendees are domestic, but it could be an opportunity for foreign visitors who want to explore the market.

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