Cherry Tomato Grading Machine

Jan - 31
cherry tomato grading machine

Cherry Tomato Grading Machine


Cherry tomato grading machine is one of fruit grading machine to grade cherry tomato by size.

Health benefits of cherry tomato

Cherry tomatoes are an intensely nutritious plant food.

  1. Cherry tomato contains glutathione and lycopene and other special substances. These substances can promote the body’s growth and development. Particularly, they can promote the growth and development of children. Besides, they also can increase the body’s resistance and delay human aging.
  2. Lycopene protects the human body from carcinogenic toxins in cigarettes and automobile exhaust. Meantime, it also enhances the body’s sunscreen function.
  3. In recent years, the United States, German scientists found that lycopene in tomato products can not only prevent cancer, anti-cancer, especially prevent prostate cancer, but also for the treatment of prostate cancer.
  4. The content of vitamin PP in cherry tomato ranks the first among fruits and vegetables. And the role of vitamin PP is to protect the skin, maintain the normal secretion of gastric juice, promote the formation of red blood cells, liver disease also has adjuvant therapy.
  5. Cherry tomatoes contain malic acid or citric acid, helps to digest the fat and protein in the gastric juice.

In addition to being low in calories, the fiber in cherry tomatoes may help keep you feeling full longer. And they help you eat less throughout the day, which encourages to lose weight.

cherry tomato grading machine

Working principle of cherry tomato grading machine

Cherry tomatoes grading machine consists of hopper&elevator, inspection table and grading part. And the lifting machine works automatically to lift the cherry tomatoes, and the rollers automatically rotate to push cherry tomatoes forward. Besides, the length of inspection table is more than 3 meters, and many people can stand each side. The workers can pick up the bruise cherry tomato, and other impurities.

The gaps between roller pipes increase gradually in the process of belts moving, and the fruits drop from gaps from small to large size. The gaps can is adjustable according to the different diameters.


It is suitable for sorting oval fruits like dates, jujube, olives, cherry tomatoes, and so on.

cherry tomato sorting machine

Features of cherry tomato grading machine

  1. Rational design

ThoYu is effectively a smaller and lighter version of the original with the same primary functionality of removing soft fruit. Low transitions ensure gentle handling of cherry tomato. Cherry tomato sorting machine components are easy to access for washdown cleaning.

  1. High accuracy

ThoYu model matches the original for results, and the accuracy rate of cherry tomato sorting is up machine to 97%.

  1. Simple machine

All parts of cherry tomato grader is very simple, and easy to install and maintain. And one work can operate the machine, so it saves the labor cost.

  1. Long service life

By an accurate component selection, a correct assembly process and the right use, ThoYu can assure that the quality standards give a tangible added value to the Customer. ThoYu is prepared to face the challenge of obtaining a longer service life as well as the Customer and market’s requests.

Specifications of cherry tomato grading machine

Model Voltage Power Capacity Grades Dimension
TY-2000B-1 220 V/380 V 1.1 kW 2-3 t/h 3-6 grades 9000*1300*1000 mm


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