CNC Wood Saw Machine

Jul - 10
CNC Wood Saw Machine

CNC Wood Saw Machine


CNC wood saw machine is the computer program control wood cutting saw. And it is mainly used for the blanking process of pallet panels, pallet blocks, and traditional wooden boxes. Besides, CNC wood cutting machine is also be used for the production of furniture components.

CNC Wood Saw Machine

Compared with the ordinary cutting process, ThoYu electronic wood cutting saw has great advantages, such as wood batch standardized production, fully utilizing raw materials, reducing on-duty personnel, improving production efficiency, rational managing of personnel, and ensuring production safety. Therefore, CNC wood cutting saw can help you to save production costs, increase profits and gain generous returns.

Characteristics of CNC Wood Saw Machine:

  1. Mitsubishi industrial control, more stable performance.
  2. Low noise design, reducing the noise of the workshop.
  3. Free combination sawing dimensions to reduce production waste.
  4. The equipment is simple and flexible, and one worker can operate it.
  5. High rate of output, reducing the amount of cutting losses.
  6. Sawing pallet blocks rapidly; high precision.
  7. Safety: The worker’s finger does not touch the blade, reducing the worker’s injury during the whole operation process.
  8. Intelligent human-machine interface makes the operation extremely easy and efficient. And it also displays automatically that the abnormal information and troubleshooting instructions.
  9. It also can set 5 sets of sawing parameters at a time, and automatic operation.
  10. It adopts limit switch control and hydraulic automatic feeding.

Technical Parameters of CNC Wood Saw Machine

Model TYCS-4000 TYCS-6000
Dimension of working table 5000*700*980 mm 7000*700*980 mm
Max cutting length 4000 mm 6000 mm
Max cutting width 200 mm 200 mm
Blade diameter 400/450 mm 400/450 mm
Max cutting height 110/130 mm 110/130 mm
Main spindle rotating speed 3500/rpm 3500rpm
Main motor power 7.5 kW 7.5 kW
Net weight 950 kg 1100 kg
Overall dimension 7300*1200*1500 mm 9300*1200*1500 mm

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