Dates Grading Machine

May - 08
dates grading machine

Dates Grading Machine


Dates grading machine is used to sort and grade the oval shape fruit and vegetables according to size, such as olives, dates and cherry tomatoes, etc.the machine is also called dates sorting machine,dates grader,dates grader machine.

Dates grading machine consists of hopper, elevator, inspection table and grading part. In addition, it can add spray showers dates grader machine if need washing.


oval or round shape fruits like olives, dates, cherry tomatoes, walnut, jujube, red dates, hawthorn, seabuckthorn, kumquat, lychee, longan, plum and other fruits and vegetables.

Working principle:

Dates sorting machine sorts the small fruit by size. The diameter size from small to large, small fruit smaller than the size of the gap can fall, fall into this level basket, bigger than the gap size continue to move forward until it falls below the size of the basket. Dates will be graded into different size grader one by one.


  1. Multi-functional machine.It can sort a lot of fruit and vegetable, and has a wide range application.
  2. Advanced design and strong.Rollers are made of stainless steel material, and are smooth and anti-corrosion.
  3. Adjustable.Each grade can be adjusted according to the size requirements.
  4. High efficiency.It has the automatic protection function, to prevent reverse and misuse damage to the equipment. And expanding inspection table can be used for quality sorting.
  5. Space saving.This machine occupies small space, and mobile convenience.


Model Capacity Grading level Dimension Power Voltage
TYDG-3000 2-3 t/h 3-6 levels 9500*1300*8500 mm 1.25 kW 220 V/380 V

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