Category: Fruit Pitting Machine

Jul - 12
automatic lemon slicing machine

Automatic Lemon Slicing Machine

Automatic lemon slicing machine is the new machine developed on the basis of our new type Jujube slicer. And the automatic lemon cutting machine is also the first lemon processing machine to cut lemons by transection in the domestic market.…

May - 08
fruit pitting machine

TYQH-06 Fruit Pitting Machine

TYQH-06 fruit pitting machine is also called fruit pitter machine, fruit pitter, which is designed to remove the stone of the fruits. And this machine does not change the nature shapes or lose any juices. TYQH-06 fruit pitting machine is the…

May - 08
fruit slicing machine

Fruit Slicing Machine

fruit slicing machine is a fruit processing machine used to slicing the fruit into pieces. And fruit slicer machine is the ideal equipment for large capacity of fruit processing. Besides, fruit slicing machine is also suitable for dates, jujube, hawthorn,…

Feb - 24
date cubes cutting machine

Date Cubes Cutting Machine

Date cubes cutting machine is designed to slice the fruits first and then cut them into pieces. It is developed by improving and updating of the dates slicing machine.   This date cubes cutting machine is suitable for cutting jujube, hawthorn,…