Garlic Harvester Machine

garlic harvester

Garlic Harvester Machine

Garlic harvester machine is mainly used for harvesting potato, garlic, sweet potatoes, carrots and underground rhizome crops. And garlic harvester is the efficient garlic harvesting machine.

Detailed information about garlic harvester machine

  1. Fresh garlic harvesting season: early June to end August;
  2. Cold storage garlic season: September to next May;
  3. Harvest Object: ridge or flat planting garlic, clay, or sand for land;
  4. Complete form: the whole point suspension upgrade, side-power output;
  5. The machine features: simple structure, easy to use, performance and stability;
  6. Harvest effect: not to hurt the garlic, place neat, clean and sieve soil;
  7. Harvest type: Suitable for ground cultivation of garlic and peanut;
  8. Soil type for harvest: For a variety of soil, clay can be harvested.

Garlic harvester machine technical parameters

Model TY4U-1 TY4U-1A TY4UZ-1 TY4U-2 TY4U-3
Rows 1 row 1 row 1 row 2 rows 2 rows
Rowing space 55-80 cm 55-80 cm 55-80 cm 55-80 cm 55-80 cm
Capacity 0.5-0.83 acre/hour 0.5-0.83 acre/hour 0.5-0.83 acre/hour 0.83-1.33 acre/hour 1.33-2.5 acre/hour
Working depth 25 cm 20 cm 25 cm 25 cm 25 cm
Working width 650 mm 530 mm 650 mm 1650 mm 1650 mm
Matched power 22-35 HP 8-15 HP 22-35 HP 50-80 HP 70-120 HP
Weight 180 kg 100 kg 160 kg 700 kg 1200 kg
Packing dimension 240*90*90 cm 115*100*80 cm 120*100*75 cm 220*165*100 cm 330*165*110 cm


1.  TY4U-1A need to match with walking tractor, the other model can match with four wheel tractor to work.

2. Working depth can be customized.

If you are interested in our garlic harvester, please kindly let us know the details as follows:

  1. The horse power of your tractor?
  2. Harvesting width you want?

Then we can recommend you the suitale model or design the machine based on your specific requirements. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

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