Garlic Sorting Conveyor

garlic sorting conveyor

Garlic Sorting Conveyor

Garlic sorting conveyor is a conveyor used to sort the bad garlic from the peeled and cleaned garlic cloves, which is the essential equipment in the garlic processing.

Garlic sorting conveyor is equipped with garlic sorter already been used for garlic deep process factory, garlic planting farmer, restaurant and other vegetable and seasoning processing industry.

  • Brand Name: ThoYu
  • Capacity: Can be customized
  • Input material: Garlic products
  • Final product: Garlic products
  • Country of origin: China
  • Minimum order: 1 set


    1. Reasonable structure, high efficiency and precision, easy operation and save labor.
    2. The material of the machine is stainless steel with robust technology.
    3. Garlic sorting conveyor has been applied in garlic process field.

Technical Parameter

Standard length Width Power Material
5.5 m 0.8 m 1.5 kW Stainless steel
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