Mango Weight Grading Machine

Feb - 08
mango weight grading machine

Mango Weight Grading Machine


Mango weight grading machine is suitable for grading fruits and vegetables by weight.

Mango is known as the king of fruits. Beyond the sweet, luscious taste of mangos, they also contain an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that assure your optimum health.

Health benefits of mangoes

  1. Keeping overall body health

Mangoes have an impressive vitamin content that keeps overall body health. They are rich in potassium (4% in 156 mg) and magnesium (2% in 9 mg) and are a great remedy for high blood pressure. They also contain vitamin powerhouses as they are rich in riboflavin, vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, niacin, folate, thiamin and pantothenic acid. These components help you avoid a host of diseases that can come from deficiencies of these vitamins and minerals.

  1. Encourage weight gain

Mango consumption is one of the easiest ways to gain weight. 150g of mango has around 86 calories, which can be absorbed easily by the body. Moreover, they contain starch, which transforms into sugar and aids in gaining weight.

  1. Help to digest

Mangoes play an important role in eliminating problems such as indigestion and excess acidity. The digestive enzymes in them help to promote natural, efficient digestion. The bioactive ingredients in mangoes like esters, terpenes, and aldehydes contribute in enhancing appetite. At the same time, they also improve the function of the digestive system.

mango weight grading machine

Mango weight grading machine adopts balance and lever principle.

Advantages of mango weight grading machine:

mango weight sorter

  1. High accuracy

ThoYu adopts the balance and lever principle to weight every mango. So the accuracy is very high. Meantime, the accuracy of mango weight sorting machine is up to 99%.

  1. Soft treating

Mangoes have a very sensitive pulp and therefore are fragile. Therefore, the only way to preserve them is by using a technology that gives priority to soft treating. Meanwhile, this is exactly what ThoYu does, with great softness it preserves the integrity of mangoes.

  1. Large capacity

Mango weight sorting machine adopts two rows of working benches. And it is also the full automatic mango weight sorter. Hence, the capacity is over twice as much as others mango grading machine. And we also can customize the capacity for your special needs.

  1. Food grade

All the materials of mango sorting machine are food-grade. Therefore, they can not damage the mango.

  1. Wide application

Apple grading machine is appropriate for all kinds of fruits and vegetables, such as mango, apple, pear, dragon fruit, pomegranate, peach, kiwi, pineapple, potatoes, sweet potatoes, persimmon, and so on.

mango weight grader

Specifications of mango weight grading machine

Model Capacity Grades Dimension Grading range Power
TYFW-1000B 16800 pieces/hour 8 grades 5000*1200*1000 mm 20-2000 g 2.2 kW


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