Category: Presswood Pallet Production Equipment

Oct - 29
compressed pallet machine

compressed sawdust pallet machine

presswood pallet making machine|sawdust pallet press machine The compressed sawdust pallet machine is a sawdust pallet molding equipment developed by our factory. The pallets produced by this machine are of very good quality. The machine has good stable performance, high…

Oct - 28
presswood molded pallet made of straw

How to use straw to make presswood pallets

straw pallet making machine| straw pallet molding machine Straw is very common in daily life. After all kinds of crops are recycled, a large amount of straw will be produced. The reuse of straw has always been a difficult problem…

Oct - 25
wood chip glue mixing machine

Glue mixer machine in the pallet production line

Ring glue mixing machine|Cylinder glue mixing machine The glue mixer machine is widely used in pallet production lines and pallet block production lines. A sawdust glue mixing machine is a machine that evenly mixes glue and dried raw materials with…

Aug - 24
Double Moulds Presswood Pallet Machine

Double Moulds Presswood Pallet Machine

Double moulds presswood pallet machine is a new type of one time forming machine, compared with the single mould wood pallet machine.The capacity of double-mould press wood pallet machine is much higher than the single one, and more economical if you…

Feb - 24
wood pallet machine

Wood Pallet Machine

Wood pallet machine is the new type of one time forming machine, which meets the requirement of environmental protection, it can help to recycle wood waste. The raw materials used to produce presswood pallet are spreading all over the world,…