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Oct - 18
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Features of wood pallets and plastic pallets

How to choose wooden pallets and plastic pallets must be considered by many companies that have a demand for pallets. First of all, we need to have an understanding of the characteristics of plastic pallets and wood pallets. Nowadays, there…

Sep - 28
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Regarding plastic pallets, do you know how to choose?

Plastic pallets are the basic tools in the production, storage, and transportation of various industries. With the increasing demand for plastic pallets in various countries and the widespread application in various industries, the product quality of plastic pallets has attracted…

Nov - 23
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The Dynamic Load Test of Molded Plastic Pallet

ThoYu had tested the dynamic load of molded plastic pallet. And the dynamic load test result, is molded plastic pallet can bear more than 1.5 tons. Dynamic load test The surface of molded plastic pallet is loaded with 60 bags…