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Waste wooden pallets

How to deal with waste wooden pallets

Waste wood pallets production moulded pallets|Waste wood pallet recycling Wood pallets are very common in daily life. Wooden pallets are made of natural wood. They are cheap and have good carrying effects. They are the most widely used pallets. Wooden…

compression wood pallet machine

how to make a good sawdust presswood pallet

With the development of the logistics industry, the market demand for pallets is also increasing. Pallets have been widely used in various industries, mainly for logistics, warehousing, and transportation. Because sawdust presswood pallet is relatively strong and relatively inexpensive, they…

pressed wood pallet machine

Russian Presswood Pallet Machine Installation Smoothly

Presswood pallet machine installation in Russia in November, 2018 smoothly. The following is the pictures of presswood pallet machine installation. All the machines are two sets of presswood pallet machine, and corollary equipment. The presswood pallet machine is to produce…