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Dec - 16
Comprehensive wood shredder machine

Comprehensive Crushing Machine

Comprehensive Crusher| Pallet Crushing Machine Comprehensive crushing machine is used in various industries to process different types of wood. An integrated crusher is often used when recycling wood, which can crush large pieces of wood. The comprehensive crusher can process…

Aug - 22
sugarcane bagasse pallet

ThoYu Has Produced Sugarcane Bagasse Pallet Successfully

ThoYu has produced sugarcane bagasse pallet with presswood pallet machine successfully last week. The following is the details. Raw materials: sugarcane bagasse Weight of bagasse: 18 kg Weight of finished molded bagasse pallet: 21 kg Size of finished molded bagasse…

Nov - 27
pressed wood pallet machine

Russian Presswood Pallet Machine Installation Smoothly

Presswood pallet machine installation in Russia in November, 2018 smoothly. The following is the pictures of presswood pallet machine installation. All the machines are two sets of presswood pallet machine, and corollary equipment. The presswood pallet machine is to produce…

Aug - 21
wood pallet project

Russian Customers Toured ThoYu Wood Pallet Project Factory

Russian Customers toured ThoYu wood pallet project factory on 9th August, 2018. The customers from Russia are very satisfied with the performance of the wood pallet machines after testing them. And they also spoke highly of the working conditions, and…