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Dec - 16
Comprehensive wood shredder machine

Comprehensive Crushing Machine

Comprehensive Crusher| Pallet Crushing Machine Comprehensive crushing machine is used in various industries to process different types of wood. An integrated crusher is often used when recycling wood, which can crush large pieces of wood. The comprehensive crusher can process…

Dec - 15
common plastic pallet in our life

Which is better, plastic pallets or wood pallets?

Comparison of plastic pallets and wood pallets The pallets commonly used in the logistics and transportation industry can be divided into two types: plastic pallets or wood pallets, each of which has its own advantages. When you choose, you often…

Oct - 19
American standard pallet

Advantages of wood pallets in logistics transportation

Today, with the development of various industries, the logistics industry has affected all aspects of our lives. However, wood pallets are more common during transportation. Why? Today we will discuss together. Easy to transport and load The lightweight of wooden…

Oct - 18
American standard pallet

Features of wood pallets and plastic pallets

How to choose wooden pallets and plastic pallets must be considered by many companies that have a demand for pallets. First of all, we need to have an understanding of the characteristics of plastic pallets and wood pallets. Nowadays, there…

Oct - 15
Timber for the production of wooden pallets

How to choose the raw material of wood pallets

the raw material for wood pallets|What can be used to produce wood pallets With the development of the economy, more and more industries will use wood pallets. The current development of the logistics transportation and warehousing industry has increased the…

Feb - 24
wood pallet machine

Wood Pallet Machine

Wood pallet machine is the new type of one time forming machine, which meets the requirement of environmental protection, it can help to recycle wood waste. The raw materials used to produce presswood pallet are spreading all over the world,…