The Ultimate Guide To Recycle Plastic Waste

Jun - 04

The Ultimate Guide To Recycle Plastic Waste


Recycle plastic waste belongs to pollution control, environmental protection, and resource recycling production projects, and is also a high-tech development and promotion project. Many governments have formulated some relevant policies and regulations, giving support and preferential treatment.

Based on the severe situation of global plastic pollution, after years of research and development work, ThoYu has found a new recycling solution for waste plastic, turning waste plastic into plastic pallets. Plastic pallet solution has lower standards for plastic raw materials. It is possible to recycle and reuse waste plastics at a low cost and create considerable profits.

how to recycle plastic waste

Baled plastic wastes -> De-baler -> Crushing -> High speed friction washing -> Floating washing -> De-watering-> Pipe drying -> Extruding -> Pressing

It is to use waste plastic to make plastic pallet, compared to traditional injection pallet recycling programs, our production process has the following advantages.

  1. Low cost, the materials are different kinds of plastic waste
  2. High degree of automation,
  3. The plastic pallet mould is easy to change with low cost
  4. High product profit.
Plastic Waste Recycling Line

The potential for recycling of waste plastics is huge. Governments also encourage countries to carry out waste plastic recycling projects, digest domestic waste plastics, protect the ecological environment and reduce plastic pollution.

Finally Plastic Pallet

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Recycle plastic waste is important to the global environment, we are continually working on it.

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