TYQH-06 Fruit Pitting Machine

May - 08
fruit pitting machine

TYQH-06 Fruit Pitting Machine


TYQH-06 fruit pitting machine is also called fruit pitter machine, fruit pitter, which is designed to remove the stone of the fruits. And this machine does not change the nature shapes or lose any juices.

TYQH-06 fruit pitting machine is the conveyor type, which is the newest model we designed and developed in 2013.  What’s more, ThoYu fruit pitter machine is the most popular one in the international market.

Meanwhile, fruit pitting machine adopts speed adjustable microcomputer system, and the driving system to make each device conform to the highest standard design.

Raw material conveyor belt adopts new imported polyurethane material with longer service life, so that the shape completely unchanged after processing. Besides, there is an observing window. So you can check the working situation by open the window or outside.

Application of fruit pitting machine

  1. fruit pitting machine is suitable for different kinds of fruit, which can meet various size and viscosity, such as dates, hawthorn, olives, plum, apricot and other fruits.
  2. fruit pitter machine can process fruits paste and drying slicing fruit.

TY-QH06 Fruit Pitting Machine

Features of fruit pitting machine

  1. Widely suitable to pit Dates, Cherry, Plum, Olive, Hawthorn etc.
  2. Adjustable mold according to different materials, with the diameter from 10 mm to 40 mm.
  3. Automatic PLC control system.
  4. Frequency conversion technology makes the operation simple and effective.
  5. High integrity flesh rate.
  6. Unique transmission technology and stable structure improve the working efficiency by 80%
  7. The performance is more stable and yield increase greatly, and reduces the maintenance cost in use process and pulp loss.
  8. Wide range of applicability and leading technology.

Working Process of fruit pitting machine

Our newest fruit pitting machine adopts high quality 304 stainless steel material, and fully comply with the hygiene standards of food processing equipment. And with a microcomputer, the driving system adopts advanced design concept and standard parts. Hence, it makes each device conform to the highest standard of design. So the operation is simple.

Parameters of fruit pitting machine

Model TYQH-06
Motor 2.2 kW
Raw Material size φ12-φ50 mm
Capacity 1400-2000 pcs/min
Pitting rate 99.96%
Voltage 220/380 V, 50 Hz
Weight 830 kg
Dimension  3030*1000*1470 mm
Material 304 stainless steel
Control system PLC Control panel

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