Which is better, plastic pallets or wood pallets?

Dec - 15
common plastic pallet in our life

Which is better, plastic pallets or wood pallets?


Comparison of plastic pallets and wood pallets

The pallets commonly used in the logistics and transportation industry can be divided into two types: plastic pallets or wood pallets, each of which has its own advantages. When you choose, you often consider which one is better. Plastic pallets are light in weight, stable in structure, but costly. Because they are made of plastic, they are non-degradable materials, which will cause greater pollution to the environment. The cost of wooden pallets is lower, and wood is a renewable resource, which will better protect the ecological environment, be more environmentally friendly than plastic pallets, and meet the sustainable development of enterprises.

plastic pallet
plastic pallet
European standard wood pallet
wood pallet

The difference between plastic pallets and wood pallets

With the economic development and the rise of the logistics industry, pallets are used more and more widely in various industries. At present, the two most widely used pallets in the market are plastic pallets and traditional wooden pallets. What is the difference between these two pallets? The following is an analysis of the difference between the two pallets so that you can buy the right product when you choose to buy a pallet.

The material of the pallet

The plastic pallet uses PP (polypropylene) and HDPE (polyethylene) two environmentally friendly materials for injection and compression molding. The injection molding process is relatively mature, the structure is flexible, and it is easy to clean; the wooden pallet is made of pure wood, compared to plastic pallets Wooden pallets are light and flexible and have better impact resistance.

Pallet weight and load

An obvious difference between plastic pallets and wooden pallets is the weight of the pallets. Plastic pallets are much lighter than wooden pallets. They are more convenient to carry and save labor costs. The load-bearing performance of plastic pallets is better than that of wooden pallets. Because of the toughness of its material, plastic pallets have a higher load capacity and better toughness than wooden pallets when transporting and stacking goods.

The service life of the pallet

The service life of plastic pallets is several times that of wooden pallets, which reduces the frequency of replacement and saves input costs. Plastic pallets are acid and alkali-resistant, will not deteriorate for a long time, have high-temperature resistance, and can be recycled after being discarded. Wooden pallets can be repaired after being damaged, but their texture is prone to damp deterioration, moldy and insects, and cannot be cleaned. The screws at the splice are easy to rust, which cannot be used in some industries and easily contaminates products or materials.

Environmental protection of pallets

Plastic pallets are environmentally friendly products that can be recycled, reducing the damage to forests caused by wooden pallets. Another obvious difference between plastic pallets and wooden pallets is that plastic pallets have the characteristics of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, insect-resistant, and non-mold, which cannot be achieved by wooden pallets. This is why many food and pharmaceutical industries choose plastic pallets.

common plastic pallet in our life
common plastic pallet in our life
common wood pallet in transportation
common wood pallet in transportation

How to choose the pallet that suits you

We purchase wooden pallets or plastic pallet is a difficult problem for many people. Do you know about wooden pallets and plastic pallets? How to choose the right pallet to better play a role in our transportation and storage?

Choose the pallet according to the use environment

Many people don’t know whether to choose wooden pallets or plastic pallets. In fact, you can first look at your environment. For harsh environments such as humidity and corrosion, plastic pallets will have better tolerance. At the same time, it is also very easy to clean, suitable for industries that require high cleaning requirements such as medicine and food. Plastic pallets are resistant to moisture and corrosion and can be used in floods, rainstorms, and outdoor exposure. It also has the advantage that the plastic tray can be sterilized after use. This is an advantage that most pallets do not have. In addition, the use of wooden pallets in warehouses must also consider the problem of pests. If not handled properly, damaged wooden pallets are very dangerous to carry goods, while plastic pallets do not have this problem.

Choose pallets according to the specifications of the goods

The choice between wooden pallets and plastic pallets depends on the size and weight of the goods. When the wooden pallet is used, it has a lightweight and good load-bearing capacity. Wooden pallets can be used for various small-sized goods such as boxes, drums, and stretch film packaging. Plastic pallets can carry goods with larger specifications and have better stability. Even if the goods are damaged, it will not affect the performance of the plastic pallets.

mould plastic pallet
plastic pallet produced by our factory
Blow Molded plastic Pallet
Blow Molded plastic Pallet

Due to its advanced technology and good materials, the plastic pallet is superior to wooden pallets in terms of use and service life. In terms of cost, plastic pallets can be recycled and discounted to save costs after they are discarded, while wooden pallets can only be repaired or repaired if they are damaged. Disposal requires processing costs; plastic pallets are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Old wooden pallets have been gradually replaced by plastic pallets and are widely favored by the public. They are also used in food, storage, medicine, agriculture, machinery manufacturing, and other industries. pallets can be customized according to customer requirements, which is more professional and beautiful.

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