Drying Machine

rotary drum dryer

Drying Machine

Drying machine is to dry the moisture of the wood materials into the ideal humidity. And it is the supporting equipment in the pressed wood pallet making production line and the pallet block extruding line.

  1. Rotary drum dryer

Rotary drum dryer is designed with rotary type, and it can remove the moisture of wood materials perfectly, it could dry the bigger materials such as wood chips, waste wood, wood shavings, sawdust and other kind of crushed straws.

Rotary drum drying machine mainly is composed of four parts: drum, conveyor (two sets), cyclone, blower, control box, silo and burner etc.

Rotary drum dryer
Capacity1000 kg/h
Dryer diameter1.2 m*9 m
Temperature of heating air200°C~800°C
Power30 kW
Weight3200 kg
Heating value100*10000 kcal/h
  1. Dryer machine (3 path hot air)

The material is with the moisture 30%-40%, and when they come out from the dryer, the moisture will be 8%.

Dryer machine (3 path hot air)
Capacity700 kg/h
Dryer diameter1 m*10 m
Temperature of heating air180°C~250°C
Power7.5 kW
Weight2600 kg
  1. Air flow dryer

Air flow dryer is to dry the moisture from 12% to 6%-8% before the material (e.g. sawdust) is put into block extruding machine, if the material’s moisture is above 12%. The productivity is adjustable as the requirements of customers.

Air flow dyer
productivity1000-1400 kg/hour
Diameter of the materials< 3 mm, < 5 mm
Temperature of the heating air180°C~250°C
Motor power7.5 kW
weight2100 kg
Dimensions21*1.2*2.5 m
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