Glue Mixing Machine

May - 08
ring glue mixing machine

Glue Mixing Machine


Glue mixing machine is the necessary accessory in the wood pallet making machine, and also plays an important role in the production of wood pallet.

  1. Manual Type Glue Mixing Machine

The glue we use is normal glue, and it is UF (Urea-formaldehyde Resin) or PF (Phenolic Formaldehyde Resin). Commonly the ratio of the raw material to glue is 85:15.

Glue Mixer (Manual Type)
Capacity 2-3 minutes per cycle
Volume 40 kg
Power 7.5 kW
Dimension 1650*1100*1600 mm
Weight 280 kg
  1. Ring Type Glue Mixing Machine

Ring type glue mixer machine can mix glue with the raw materials continuously.

Glue Mixer (Ring type)
Model TY-BS450
Voltage 220 V/380 V, 50 Hz
Storage tank 5 m³
Glue mixer Power 18.5 kW
Dimension 2200*700*2000 mm
Weight 1000 kg
  1. Automatic Glue Mixing Machine

Automatic glue mixer machine can weigh and mix glue with the raw materials automatically. The glue is sent into the glue mixing tank through the pipeline connecting the pump with the mixing tank.

Glue Mixer (Automatic Type)
Model TY-AM500
Voltage 220 V/380 V, 50 Hz, three-phase
Storage tank 5 m³
Capacity 600 kg/h
Glue mixer Power 15 kW
Plum power 1.1 kW
Dimension 2530*850*950 mm
Weight 1200 kg
Remarks: With automatic mixing device and automatic weighing system

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