Euro Pallet Nailing Machine Shipped to Singapore

Feb - 26

Euro Pallet Nailing Machine Shipped to Singapore


Euro pallet nailing machine was shipped to Singapore from China. The following are the details.

Euro Pallet Nailing Machine

Singaporean clients ordered this Euro Pallet Nailing Machine in 2020. The whole Euro pallet nailing machine includes pallet nailing machine, pallet legs machine, pallet stacking machine, pallet storage platform, pallet branding machine and other supporting equipment.

The customers from Singapore purchased 1 set of pallet nailing machine, 1 set of pallet legs machine, 1 set of pallet stacking machine, 1 set of 3.5 meters pallet storage platform, 2 sets of pallet branding machine, and other supporting equipment.

Characteristics of Euro Pallet Nailing Machine

  1. ThoYu designs and manufactures Euro pallet nailing machine independently. Euro pallet nailing machine run with high precision and small error, and can work continuously for ten thousand meters without error, which ensures the high consistency of working dimension.
  2. Euro pallet nailing machine adopt servo motor, original numerical control system, and precision servo reducer. The control system adopts PLC system, which completes the whole producing process. Pallet nailing machine are easy to operate, convenient to control, and nailing position correctly. Automatic pallet stacking machine is also available, and the one-stop solution of pallet nailing, stacking, and production.
  3. Euro pallet nailing machine with fully automatic stacking is with touch screen control, advanced programming, feeding mechanism, and nailing machine multi-axis linkage at the same time when working. Euro pallet nailing machine with fully automatic stacking achieves fast and efficient nailing work. One more thing, it could switch different program basis on different material plates to produce non-standard pallets.
  4. Euro block pallet nailing machine with fully automatic stacking can achieve the effect of automatic receiving, which is convenient for forklift transportation; at the same time, saving the time of the nailing machine and the stacking operation. On account of the workpieces do not need to be stacked and rotated, and directly flipped into the lifting platform. It not only reduces the labor intensity, but also reduces time and space for handling. Euro block pallet nailing machine with fully automatic stacking will form a line with nailing machine, after nailing, flip the wood pallet to stacking platform. It will achieve the effect of automatic collect wood pallet and easy to transport. It saves labor and operation time.

ThoYu supply both pallet nailing machine and the complete wood pallet nailing machine production line.

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