Advantages of wood pallets in logistics transportation

Oct - 19
American standard pallet

Advantages of wood pallets in logistics transportation


Today, with the development of various industries, the logistics industry has affected all aspects of our lives. However, wood pallets are more common during transportation. Why? Today we will discuss together.

wood pallet
wood pallet
American standard pallet
American standard pallet

Easy to transport and load

The lightweight of wooden pallets makes it easier to load and unload goods during transportation. It avoids the excessive weight of the goods and increases the transportation cost, and at the same time saves labor. The wood pallets are very convenient for stacking and storage, and the utilization rate of space is high.

Easy to carry

When goods need to be transported, the wood pallets can be transported directly together with the goods. There is no need to unload and then load them like traditional goods transportation, which greatly facilitates the transportation of goods.

Achieve standardized use

Wood pallets can load goods with different shapes and specifications on standard wood pallets, so that the goods can be transported, loaded, and unloaded in a standardized manner. It greatly improves the efficiency of logistics and transportation and also facilitates the automatic operation of machinery.

Strong protection

After the cargo is loaded on the wooden pallet, the cargo and the wood pallet form a whole during the transportation process, eliminating the need for complicated cargo loading and unloading processes. It prevents the occurrence of bumps and damages during the loading and unloading of the goods. It is especially important when the transportation operations are frequent and the turnover of goods with many types of goods.

No additional packaging required

The goods on the wood pallet do not need to be packaged in a complicated way, and only need simple packaging to carry out logistics transportation, so that there is no need for excessive packaging expenses, which saves costs and increases profits.

Applicable to multiple countries

Wooden pallets conform to international standards. After certain treatments, they are applicable in many countries. They can also be perfectly adapted to the stacking of docks and warehouses without modification, which greatly improves work efficiency.

Of course, wood pallets also have limitations. For example, large objects are not suitable for shipment on wood pallets. Goods with special storage methods such as refrigeration are not suitable for operations on wood pallets, nor can they be sealed across countries like containers.

Simple production process

Commonly wooden pallets are divided into European wood pallets and American wood pallets. The processing technology of wooden pallets is simpler than that of plastic pallets.

Selection of raw materials

The first step in the production of wood pallets is to select raw materials, which require wood to have a certain strength and toughness and can maintain a long service life. The raw materials of wooden pallets are generally composed of pine, fir, or some composite wood, and pine wood is the best.

CNC saw cutting

After selecting the raw materials, the wood needs to be cut and processed, and it is required to process the wood according to the specified size. Cut according to the size of the wooden pallet to be produced.

pallet Nailing machine nailing

The pallet nailing machine can nail the cut wood together into a pallet.First, the wood is placed on the nailing machine, the machine runs automatically under the drive of the CNC system, and the servo motor can accurately control the position of the nail gun.

pallet nailing machine
pallet nailing machine
Wooden pallet nailing machine
Wooden pallet nailing machine

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