Wood Chipping Machine

    wood chipping machine

    Wood Chipping Machine

    Wood chipping machine is used to produce wood into smaller wood chips with even length and uniform chip thickness, which is also called wood chipper machine. Except making wooden pallet for logistics transportation, wood chipper machine is widely used in a lot of industries such as production of paper making, edible fungus, shaving board, sawdust, high density board, fiber board and so on.

    Wood chipping machine is one of the main equipment of the whole compressed wooden pallet production line. As famous wood chipper machine manufacturer in China, we supply high quality wood pallet machinery at wholesale price.
    1. Drum Wood Chipper

    Drum Wood Chipper Parameters
    Knife-cylinder diameter (mm)5006008001300
    Feeding port size (mm)160*400230*500320*680380*700
    Fly-cutter qty (piece)2222
    Revolving speed (rotate/minute)590590650500
    Feeding raw materials max diameter (mm)160230300350
    Chip size (mm)15-3015-3015-3015-40
    Production capacity (ton)3-56-99-1512-25
    Main motor power (kW)4555110200
    Feeder power (kW)2.2-33-44-54-5
    Conveyor power (kW)3333

    2. Wood Chipping Machine (Disc Type)

    Disk type wood chipping machine can be used in the forest directly and it’s very easy to operate and maintain. It has a higher requirement on thickness of the raw materials and the outing of the materials is more uniform.

    Disk Type Wood Chipper Machine
    Capacity (t/h)3-54-66-88-10
    Main power (kW)30374555-75
    Cutter diameter (mm)800100012001400
    Feeding port size (mm)200*200300*320330*350360*370
    Max feed diameter (mm)Φ190Φ290Φ330Φ350
    Total weight (kg)1680272035604120
    Dimensions (mm)1800*700*12002100*1000*13002200*1200*18502600*1300*1900

    3. Wood Flaking Machine
    Wood faking machine is with high power, and the materials after shaping is with good shape.

    Wood flaking machine
    Cutter theoretical diameter (mm)600800120012001400
    Blade quantity (piece)2128425066
    Blade length (mm)225300375463463
    Rotate speed (r/m)5050505050
    Vane wheel rotate speed (r/m)1960145093514201320
    Wood shaving thickness (mm)0.4-0.70.4-0.70.4-0.70.3-0.80.3-0.8
    Production capacity (kg/h)700-9001500-30002500-40005000-80008000-11000
    Main engine power (kW)75132200250315
    Machine weight (kg)35005800850090009600
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