Hot Press Pallet Making Machine

May - 08
hot press pallet making machine

Hot Press Pallet Making Machine


Hot press pallet making machine is designed to produce wood composite pallet one time under high temperature and high pressure, and also known as pallet making machine, wood pallet machine, wooden pallet machine and so on.

Hot press pallet making machine has achieve the fourth generation based our designing experience and our customers’ feedback. The pallet is molded one time under high pressure and high temperature in the hot press pallet making machine.

Advantages of hot press pallet making machine

  1. High temperature and high pressure can press the raw materials into pallet one time with standard size, without metal materials in the pallets.
  2. Reasonable design of the structure. The pallet making machine is the three-beam four-column structure, which is the latest type for producing wood composite pallet.
  3. High performance. Hot press pallet making machine is more efficient than the traditional pallet making machine.
  4. Light weight, and beautiful shape. The new hot press pallet making machine is designed by the professional technology engineers with more than 30 years’ experience.
  5. The raw materials of hot press pallet making machine are all over the world, and easy to get.
  6. Low investment and quick return.
  7. Hot press pallet making machine is easy to operate, low product cost and maintenance.

Technology parameter of hot press pallet making machine

Hot Press Pallet Making Machine
Model TY-800/1000/1200
Voltage 220 V/380 V, 50 Hz, three-phase
Capacity 120-144 pieces/day (24 hours)
Power 11 kW
Pressure 800-1000-1200 tons (adjustable)
Hydraulic cylinder diameter 450 mm
Hydraulic cylinder quantity 4 pieces
Pressing heal cycle 350 seconds
Shaping cycle 450 seconds
Weight 22 tons
Dimension 2000*1400*5000 mm
 Remarks: One set of machine includes one set normal mold.

Final pallet specification

  • Size: 400 mm×600 mm, 600 mm×800 mm, 800 mm×1000 mm,800 mm×1200 mm, 1000 mm×1200 mm, 1100 mm×1100 mm.
  • Pallet weight varied from 10-22 kg.
  • Loading capacity: 2-3 tons (dynamic load) and 6-8 tons (static load).

Final pallet features

  1. Pallets are used in export package, and are ideal tools for warehousing and logistics industry.
  2. Free fumigation and free quarantine; do not need any test before export.
  3. According with the European standard, biodegradability.
  4. Water proofs, insect prevention, and protection against termites, antisepticises and do not easy to burn.
  5. Strong bearing capacity and no deformation.
  6. Pallets can be store in bulk, save room, and easy to be transported.
  7. Light weight, beautiful shape, and also recyclable.

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