CNC Pallet Nailing Machine

Jun - 24
CNC Pallet Nailing Machine

CNC Pallet Nailing Machine


CNC pallet nailing machine adopts advanced CNC technology; it is suitable for CP1-CP9 pallets (all kinds of pallets, American pallets, and Euro pallets). For the same type different size pallet, it needs to adjust the fixture; for different type pallets, it needs to change the fixture.

CNC Pallet Nailing Machine

Features of CNC Pallet Nailer

  1. Adjustable Pallet Size
    CNC pallet nailer is designed to produce American standard pallets, European standard pallets, and customized pallets.
  2. Advanced Technology
    CNC pallet nailer is equipped with the finished pallet stacking device, which has a high automation degree, smooth and tight process flow, and can be equipped with automatic pallet stacking machine and one-stop nailing and stacking production.
  3. Profit-Building
    CNC pallet nailer adopts the fully automatic program, and the operating system adopts imported PLC control, the touch screen is simple to operate, with convenient control, and accurate nailing position. Besides, CNC pallet nailer is with multiple processes are completed at one time, which greatly improves the work efficiency.
  4. Cost-Effective
    Automatic nailing and stacking are connected into the whole production line. After the nailing process is completed, the finished wooden pallets are automatically flipped onto the stacking platform and stacked neatly. So that it can achieve the effect of automatic receiving, which is convenient for forklift transportation; at same time, saving the time of the nailing machine and the stacking operation. On account of the workpieces do not need to be stacked and rotated, and directly flipped into the lifting platform. It not only reduces the labor intensity, but also reduces time and space for handling.
  5. More Safe
    CNC pallet nailer has no specific requirements for the operator, and it is equipped with photoelectric switch, safety light curtain to ensure safe production.

Specifications of CNC Pallet Nailing Machine

Capacity2 pallets/minute
Working modeManual feeding/Auto Nailing/Auto stacking
Operating modeIndustrial LCD computer
Operational modeIntelligent control system
Motor7.5Kw servo motor
Processing dimension (length, width, thickness)Customized
Feeding speed80 m/min
Air compressor100 L
Workers needs2-3 workers
Nail size32-90 mm
Overall dimensions4540*5200*1985 mm
Weight3500 kg

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