Compressed Wood Pallet Production Line

    Compressed Wood Pallet Production Line

    1. Equipment for the whole production line

    The whole production line includes mainly wood chipping machine, wood crusher machine, wood drying machine, glue mixing machine and compressed wood pallet pressing machine.

    1. Raw materials and moisture content required

    Raw materials can be wood shavings, sawdust, bagasse, waste wood from factory, wheat straw. The moisture content is under 8%.

    1. Can palm, coconut, softwood, wheat straw, and bagasse as the raw materials?

    Yes, it can. Any materials which content rich fiber can produce the pallets.

    1. Raw materials market price in China

    400 RMB/t.

    1. Automation degree

    Fully automatic production line and manual production line, also semi-auto production line as the customer required.

    1. Production capacity

    The production capacity of one pallet making machine is 140 pcs per day 24 hours.

    1. Glue and composition of making glue

    The glue is urea-formaldehyde glue. Main composition to make glue: Urea, Formaldehyde, flour Melamine, Polyethylene, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium chloride, Water.

    We suggest that you can order the glues from your local market, for the UF glue warranty period is less than 2 month. And the shipping date from China will take more than one month.

    You also can order the glue making machines from us, and then you produce it yourself.

    1. Glue market price

    2000-2500 RMB/t (expiration date: 60days)

    1. Cost analysis (take 3 sets of machine as example, the power and working time of each machine)
    Nom machineOperating time (h)Capacity (t/h)Power (kWh)
    Wood chipping machine3465
    Wood crushing machine7.5235
    Wood drying machine9130
    Glue mixing machine12 7.5
    Press machine24 11
    Conveyor crusher7.5 4
    Conveyor dryer9 4
    Furnance9 3
    Conveyor belt  4
    1. Can the glue be smelled?

    The smell cannot be felt.

    1. Glue and raw materials proportion of each pallet

    The size and figure of the pallet can be customized according to customers’ requirement. Different sizes wood pallets with different rate of the raw materials according to the pallets loading capacity. Our technicians will tell you the details rate after you set up this wood pallet machine line.

    Pallet size (mm)Raw material (kg)Glue (kg)
    1. Power consumption of each pallet

    One piece of pallet consumes 8.1 kW/h electric power.

    9000 Calories of heat = 1.28 kg standard coal = around 1 cube meter of natural gas.

    If the production capacity is larger, the energy consumption of each pallet is smaller in average.

    1. Oil needed for each pallet machine

    For every press machine needs 600 liters of 46#wear-resistant hydraulic oil. The oil is non-expendable, and need to filter for every two years.

    Conduction oil can be used for 8-10 years.

    1. Influence factor for pallet

    Thickness of the pallet, pressure, temperature, glue and the raw materials

    1. Pallet load capacity

    Static load: over 5000 kg, and dynamic load: over 2000 kg according to actual testing.

    1. What other glue can be used except UF glue?

    Ethoxyline resin, phenol glue and isocyanate.

    1. Advantages of making glue by yourself
    2. Quality control
    3. Low price
    4. The cost of making glue by self.

    1000 kg< 2000 RMB, ie, 1 kg=1.32 USD

    1. Which country refuses UF glue?


    1. Quality guarantee time

    1 year.

    1. If samples are provided?

    Few samples can be provided.

    1. Press machine warming time

    4-5 hours

    1. If the factory sketch can be provided

    The drawings of the plant designing can be provided according to customers’ requirement.

    1. Is the pallet waterproof?

    Yes, our wood pallets not only waterproof, but also free fumigation, you can export them freely.

    1. Production cost of each pallet?

    It will cost about 4 USD totally for each pallet.

    1. Pallet life time

    It depends on how frequently you use. It can be used more than 5 years usually, and the broken can be reused to produce the new pallets.

    1. Workers for the whole production line

    The worker will be needless for the automatic wood pallet making machine line.

    The worker you need depends on the automation degree and the hot press machine you use.

    1. Installation

    Two engineers will be sent to install and commissioning.

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