How to use straw to make presswood pallets

Oct - 28
presswood molded pallet made of straw

How to use straw to make presswood pallets


straw pallet making machine| straw pallet molding machine

Straw is very common in daily life. After all kinds of crops are recycled, a large amount of straw will be produced. The reuse of straw has always been a difficult problem in agriculture and environmental protection. Due to the low value of straw, it is usually burned or discarded directly, resulting in a great waste of resources. Straw burning has also become one of the factors that exacerbate air pollution for many years. Today I will introduce to you a method of making pallets with straw, which can effectively recycle these straw resources.

Straw pallets are environmentally friendly pallet that has become popular in recent years. Due to its abundant raw materials, convenient materials, energy-saving, and environmental protection, it has attracted widespread attention in the industry. The carrying capacity and service life of straw pallets have reached or even exceeded the general requirements of the market.

presswood molded pallet made of straw
presswood molded pallet made of straw
compressed wood pallet machine
compressed wood pallet machine

Which straws can be used to make straw pallets

On the farm, corn stalks, cotton stalks, soybean stalks, rice stalks, and wheat stalks are all well-recycled materials. Different straws are different in the process of processing pallets. As a professional molded pallet machine manufacturer, we can provide you with professional guidance based on the raw materials you want to process. Using these straws as raw materials to produce pallets can not only bring many benefits to the environment and human health but also reduce the pollution caused by straw burning.

Wheat straw
Wheat straw
Corn stalks
Corn stalks

The processing process of straw pallets

Crushed straw

The straw crushing machine can smash corn stalks, beanstalks, and other crop waste stalks. Crop stalks such as rice straw, cotton stalks, wheat stalks, pasture grass, beanstalks, and corn stalks need to be crushed.

Dried straw

The smashed crop stalks usually contain moisture. If this moisture is not removed, it will seriously affect the quality of the pallet. Therefore, it is usually dried by a drum dryer machine. The raw materials are transported to the inside of the dryer, and the hot air generated by the heat source takes away the moisture in the crop stalks.

Mix glue

Glue mixing is a very important step in the production of straw pallets. The ratio of glue to raw materials should be controlled within a reasonable range.The measured straw and quantitative glue are fed into the glue mixer at the same time, and the moisture content of the planed straw after being evenly mixed should be controlled in the range of 8-10%.

Molded straw pallet

The straw raw material after mixing glue is transported to the mould of the straw pallet moulding machine. The raw materials are molded into trays by high temperature and high pressure at one time.

The processing process of straw moulded press pallets
The processing process of straw molded press pallets

Advantages of straw pallets machine

1. The source of raw materials is wide, and the cost of making pallets is low. Various countries are paying great attention to agriculture, using straw, rice husk, peanut shells, etc. from the farm to produce high-quality pallets. The cost is only about one-half of the wooden pallet, and the profit margin is large.

2. The pallets made by our straw pallet-making machine are clean and hygienic and can be used in the food and drug industry. Reduce the use of wood and protect our forests.

3. The straw pallet is safe and reliable and has a wide range of applications. The product has good waterproof performance under normal temperature and pressure is lightweight, can be used repeatedly, and is not easy to burn. It can replace wooden pallets for logistics, or replace plastic pallets for export and storage.

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