ThoYu Has Produced Palm Leaves Pallet Successfully

Jan - 10
palm leaves pallet

ThoYu Has Produced Palm Leaves Pallet Successfully


ThoYu has produced palm leaves pallet with compressed wood pallet machine successfully last week. The following are the details.

palm leaves pallet

Raw materials: palm leaves

Weight of palm leaves: 18 kg

Weight of finished molded bagasse pallet: 21 kg

Size of finished pressed palm leaves pallet: 1200*1000 mm

With drying

The dynamic load of palm leaves pallet: 2000 kg

ThoYu is the leading pallet machine manufacturer in China. And we have more than 15 years’ production experience. Besides, our compressed wood pallet machine has been sold in more than 25 countries. In addition, our pallet block machines also run well in Romania, areTunisia, Lithuania, and other countries.

Meantime, our R&D department is experimenting and updating compressed wood pallet machine. The new generation compressed wood pallet machine has better performance. At the same time, we also extend the raw materials of the pallet to sawdust, bamboo sawdust, wood shavings, even fiber crops as cotton straw, hemp stalk, sugarcane bagasse, palm leaves, plastic and so on. We are trying various raw materials to make pallets. Hence, the palm leaves are also the ideal raw material for pallets.

Palm leaves are most commonly used for decorative purposes. They can be used whole to dress a table or used as a base layer on serving platters. Palm leaves were also used as construction materials for fences, walls, and roofs.

Palm leaves pallet is a sustainable alternative to existing wood and plastic pallets. And it is also compressed pallet, which is 100% bio-based. At the same time, it replaces Timber Pallets and also protects the global forest resources. Therefore, it promotes the sustainable development of the world.

palm leaves pallets

Features of palm leaves pallet

1. Environment-friendly

We produced palm leaves pallet only contains natural fibers and synthetics resins. The final palm leaves pallets are pressed pallet without nails, and they are reused and recycled. Besides, they do not poison the environment when they are broken. Additionally, the broken pallets are also the raw materials for the new pallets.

2. Space-saving

The pressed palm leaves pallet saves space up to 70%. For example, the height of 20 pieces of pressed bagasse nestable pallets is about 0.75 meters. However, the height of 20 pieces of traditional wooden pallets is 2.7 meters.

palm leaves pallets-thoyu

3. Gain more value

You can gain more value, if you produce pallets using palm leaves as raw materials. Compressed wood pallet machine not only can deal with palm leaves, but also get palm leaves pallet.

4. Customized design and size

The size of our pressed palm leaves pallet is 1200*1000 mm. But, we also can create special molds for custom designs or sizes.

And we also provide the customized solution and the layout of the plant site to pallet production. Besides, you can send your raw materials containing fiber to test whether they can to be made into compressed pallets.

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