UK Client Visited Pressed Wood Pallet Production Line Last Week

Jun - 06
pressed wood pallet production line

UK Client Visited Pressed Wood Pallet Production Line Last Week


UK client visited ThoYu pressed wood pallet production line on 30th May, 2019. And he had a nice visit and a good day.
UK client wanted to build a pressed wood pallet production line. The company of UK client is involved in the furniture factory. Raw materials are sufficient for them to be produce compressed wood pallet. His company has many wood wastes in their furniture factory. At the same time, they want to build the product line of compressed wood pallet using leftover wood materials as rea materials. That is, they want to recycling wood wastes into new pressed wood pallets.

First, we discussed the production requirements of our UK’s customer in the office. And then, we took a look of our pressed wood pallet production line plant in the afternoon. And we showed how to operate wood pallet production line. The UK’s customer is satisfied with the performance of pressed wood pallet production line. Besides, he also spoke highly of the working conditions, and the equipment construction. Meanwhile, we also introduced compressed wood pallet machine to our UK’s client in detail.
Our UK’s customer prepared a lot of questions in advance, and after confirming with our engineers one by one, he got a satisfactory reply and was very happy. He is very concerned about the use of the molds. So we took the customer to visit the processing of the molds, to explain the advantages of our molds to him. In our pressed wood pallet factory, we saw raw materials, the mixing process, the working process of pressed wood pallet machine. Hence we have a very in-depth understanding of the overall production line.

wood pallet machine

Currently, we are still discussing with our customer on wood pallet machine. Besides, ThoYu provides customized services to customers. We hope to reach an agreement with customers as soon as possible. What’s more, both of us expect to achieve win-win cooperation.
ThoYu is the leading manufacturer of pressed wood pallet production line in China. And our clients are from UK, Italy, France, Finland, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Tunisia, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, India, and so on.
Welcome to your visits and cooperation.
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