Prompt wooden pallet block machine for sale

Jan - 29
wooden pallet block machine

Prompt wooden pallet block machine for sale


ThoYu has one set of prompt wooden pallet block machine for sale. If you want to get the latest quotation, please send email to us [email protected]

The following is the detail.

Name: wooden pallet block machine

Type: double-head wooden pallet block making machine

The size of the mold: 145*145 mm

The final block size: 145*145 mm

Delivery: 7 workdays

Warranty: 1 year

In addition, all the spare parts are free, and the client just pays freight only. The installation is also free. At the same time, ThoYu also provide the client with free maintenance annually.

wooden pallet block machine

Benefits of ThoYu wooden pallet block machine

  1. Advanced technology

ThoYu has more than 15 years experience’s technology and machine manufacturing. And numerous wood block machines run at home and abroad.

  1. Reliable working

Double-head wooden block machine adopts special processing machine all manufactured by high precise manufacture with qualified material. Besides, bearings and motors completely adopt Chinese or international Top Brand one.

  1. High efficiency

Double-head wood block machine has two heads on the both ends, so the efficiency is twice more than the single head. The capacity of the machine is almost 6 m3/24 h.

  1. Good final wood block

The final block meets the EPAL standard. Final blocks are smooth surface and high rigidity.

  1. Longer service life.

The service life of wood pallet block machine is longer 80%, so creating much value for next 10 year.

  1. Automatic control

One start to produce pallet block, which avoids harm to main press machine and burn damage to pallet block surface.

  1. Low cost and proper investment

Sawdust pallet block machine from ThoYu engages simple process flow and high efficiency. In addition, the raw materials of the machine are easy to get, which low the production cost. A lot of raw materials can be produced into sawdust pallet block. They are anything contains wood fiber, such as wood chips, logs, timbers, wood shavings, waste wood, waste pallet, straw, and so on.

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