Double-mould pressed wood pallet machine was delivered to Spain

Jan - 15
double-mould pressed wood pallet machine

Double-mould pressed wood pallet machine was delivered to Spain


Double-mould pressed wood pallet machine was delivered to Spain last week and the terminal customer is Portuguese customer. All the machines are one set of double-mould pressed wood pallet machine, pallet blocks machine, and corollary equipment such as automatic pallet taking out and stacking machine, and glue mixer.

Portuguese customers have their own factory, which specialized on biomass business for long time. Their company has a history of over 40 years. So they have ready wood raw materials, crusher machine, drying machine for making pallet. In addition, they are quite familiar with the whole process of making pallet. ThoYu provides them with detailed drawings, production process guidance and high quality equipment. Meanwhile, we also will provide the full set of installation services and perfect after-sales service. In addition, ThoYu will give the right proposal for production quality control timely. And we ensure that our Spanish and Portuguese customers can produce more excellent and more competitive pallet and pallet blocks than their competitors’.

Spanish and Portuguese customers visited our manufacturing base, the processing workshops and the products show center in July, 2017. And we fully showed the production processes, technology and machines of molded pallet and sawdust blocks to them. At the same time, we also continuously proposed for the production of high quality according to our experience. Hence, we have won the customers’ trust and satisfaction. Finally, the Spanish and Portuguese customers decided to cooperate with us.

We will send our technical staffs to the working site for the installation in May.  And we will show more pictures and the details of the installation.

On the delivery site, the delivery workers stick to their posts and finished every delivery procedure orderly and carefully. All the containers will be delivered to Qingdao port and then shipped to Spain.

Double-mould pressed wood pallet machine is the new type of the press wood pallet machine with two moulds in one machine. And the capacity of double-mould wood pallet machine is much higher than the single one. At the same time, wood pallet machines are more economical of large capacity. Meanwhile, our pallet blocks machines adopt reasonable structure and have the distinguishing features. They are advanced technology, strong specificity, low energy consumption, high output, automatic and continuous production, and so on.

ThoYu has been specializing in pallet and pallet block processing project design, manufacture and research for about 20 years. And we have our own professional technicians team and installation team. What’s more, we can help you realize the one-stop purchasing service from design, manufacture to installation.

Our pressed wood pallet machine was sold more than 30 countries and regions, such as France, Finland, Poland, and America, and so on. Additionally, our pallet blocks machines have been exported to India, Iran, the Philippine, Mexico, Peru and so on. So it is becoming more and more popular in the world market for its high quality and low investment.

ThoYu also wishes that all customers can get more benefits from pallet business.

The following are the pictures of shipments

double-mould pressed wood pallet machine

wood pallet machines

pallet blocks machine

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