Romanian Customers have Purchased Our Pallet Block Production Line Many Times

Oct - 18

Romanian Customers have Purchased Our Pallet Block Production Line Many Times


“Stable, energy-saving, professional team, and good service quality are my most intuitive feelings about ThoYu” A customer of our pallet block equipment production line in Romania told us excitedly.
The pallet block produced by this pallet block production line are directly put into the Romanian European pallet production project. The material and quality of the pallet block affect the quality and use of the pallet, so the customer is very concerned about the quality of the pallet block .

Our first cooperation was in 2019. This pallet block production line has been running stably for the four years. Not only is the material quality excellent, but the European pallets produced are of higher quality, and a series of service guarantees are in place. The whole experience is professional for the customer .

The pallet pallet block production line put into operation in 2019 is composed of 3 double-headed pallet block machines, cutting saws, and drum dryers from Henan ThoYu. The accessories of the machines are all selected from Siemens motors and Schneider Electric brands to ensure the quality.
Considering that the customer site is located in Romania, the environmental protection requirements are high, and ThoYu takes measures according to local conditions, and uses dust removal equipment to reduce dust, which greatly reduces the concentration of dust emissions and effectively curbs the environmental pollution caused by dust.

In August 2020, the price of wood rose. In order to control the cost, the customer decided to add a pallet block production line. The complete solution provided by ThoYu saves a lot of money. “The better the equipment, the higher the efficiency, the lower the labor cost and the safety cost. It’s cost-effective no matter what.” The customer told us.

According to the existing production line equipment and technology, ThoYu engineers make full use of the existing equipment, and at the same time increase the pallet block machine, comprehensive crusher, screening machine, drum drying machine, glue mixing machine, block cutting machine, and other equipment, greatly reducing the investment of non-essential equipment and meeting the customer’s production demand for the output of the pallet block.

The ratio of glue and wood is the key to the quality of the pallet block. With the support of the PMA-T4 pallet block machine, the pallet block not only meets the market requirements, but also the size can be customized, which is the “ideal” grading of a common pallet block. , greatly improves the service life of the pallet, effectively reduces the cost input, and meets the requirements of high-quality pallets for storage and transportation.

The original pallet block production line is combined with the pallet block production line that has been successfully put into operation, and the output of a high-quality pallet block has been realized. From the first production line in 2019 to the third production line this year, all are running stably, and the accessories and service guarantee are very good. The after-sales service of Henan ThoYu at any time guarantees the uninterrupted operation of the equipment and brings very intuitive economic benefits.

In order to establish a service quality benchmark brand with the most attitude, Henan ThoYu not only implements:
The service commitment of “provide a clear solution within 5 hours, connect the customer on-site processing within 12 hours, and completely solve the operation problem within 24 hours”, and think more about the customer’s thoughts, match the production line required by the customer, and greatly reduce the controllable cost. , help customers achieve higher and faster value growth, and use quality and value to return customers’ long-term trust and support.

If you have large-scale project visit and equipment inspection needs, feel free to contact us. We will arrange a nearby pallet block production line for you to visit and provide you with an overall solution for pallet production.

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