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  • Saudi pallet nailing machine case

    The production of wooden pallets is a critical component of the supply chain for many industries. The efficiency and quality of the nailing process are essential for the success of pallet production. A Saudi customer was facing production issues due to a malfunctioning n...

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  • Spanish Plastic Molded Pallet Production Line Case

    User Name :  doelrn   Nation : Spain   Product:Plastic Pallet  Installation Site Picture ...

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  • Guangdong plastic pallet machine case

    The client Mr. Zhang is a professional waste plastic recycling and processing manufacturer and waste plastic solution provider.He has been in the waste plastic recycling business for more than 20 years and has two waste plastic processing plants in the local area.In the ...

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  • Iran Plastic Molded Pallet Production Line Case

    The client is an Iranian confectionary group that manufactures and sells high-quality cocoa, chocolate and confectionary products for sale and distribution to different consumer and customer segments in the global market, and is a leader in the Iranian confectionery market. The customer has exper...

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  • Mexico Core Plug Machine Successfully Installed

    On May 10, 2022, the customer learned through our website that we are a manufacturer specializing in the recycling of renewable resources, mainly using various recycled wood and plant fibers to produce molded pallets. The customer produces a lot of wood chips when processing wood, and wants to us...

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  • Mexico Double Station Compressed Pallet Machine Case

    On August 11, 2021, customers found us through our official website and got in touch with our company. The client, Dergo, is a tequila factory in Mexico. He produces a lot of agave residue when producing tequila, and usually customers directly process these agave residues into biofuels. It is not...

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  • Malaysia Wood Pallet Production Line Case

    Introduction We met this customer at the woodworking exhibition in Malaysia. On October 19, 2019, we participated in the exhibition in Malaysia...

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  • Indian Pallet Block Machine Case

    Customers are introduced to us by our old customers. He saw the very good quality of pallets produced by our old customer’s factory, so he became interested in our pallet machine. On March 18, 2021, we received a call from the UK. An Indian said he wanted to build a pallet factory and wante...

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  • Presswood Pallet Production line for Indian Client

    The story between Mr. Fernandes and us begins in the end of 2017. Mr. Fernandes is from India, who runs a family business, serving the wood packaging industry since 1972. He owns many companies in many cities of India, especially in Bangalore, Hubli, Guo. There are 6 fac...

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