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We have analyzed the problems that customers may encounter during project implementation, and have specified the corresponding service items as well as service personnel, to ensure that the problems can be solved timely and effectively.

Service Coverage


Free-of-charge site exploration


Materials testing


Market analysis


Solution design


Profit analysis




Site planning




Installation guidance


Operation training


Spare parts


Reconstruction project

Pre-Sale Services

ThoYu provides pallet machine for customers, including raw material testing and site evaluation. ThoYu also provides complete analysis reports and project instructions to ensure that the solution design better meets customers' requirements and has higher safety. ThoYu  provide rapid services for local customers.

Solution Scheme

Based on the results of a specialized on-site investigation, ThoYu provides specialized integrated solutions for customers, presenting CAD drawings and 3D drawings of each solution. Because of the enormous capability of research and development, ThoYu can provide customized equipment addressing special project demands. In ThoYu, we cherish each investment from customers. With our specialty and responsibility, customers can reap more from investment.

Profit Analysis

Owing to many years of experience in the pallet machine industry gained through thousands of my projects, we have a deep understanding of every detail and every stage of my projects. ThoYu provides a detailed analysis of customer investment returns, showing each item's expenditure, offering optimum investment advice, and accurately evaluating earnings from a production line so that the customers can know how much value each production line can bring.

Financial Services

ThoYu sincerely cooperates with famous domestic financing companies, enabling ThoYu to provide customer financing services. At ThoYu, you can adopt better payment methods and lower interest rates.


Spare Parts Supply

ThoYu has a good many warehouses of spare parts. High-quality spare parts ensure the safe and stable operation of equipment. Rapid transport by air removes the worry about production interruption loss.
We are providing an accurate assessment of spare parts' consumption to ensure the successful implementation of the production plan.
Rapid supply of high-quality spare parts to ensure continual operation of production lines so as to prevent loss.


Reconstruction Project

Based on our many years of experience in market development and project management, we provide specialized reconstruction services for production lines for customers. Replacing old equipment with high-quality equipment greatly increases the output of production lines so that the customers can obtain a huge return from relatively limited investments.

Project Management

We assign a project manager for each project, who provides specialized project management services, including strict project progress management and Strict internal production management to ensure project to be finished on-schedule; Providing customers with detailed construction schedule and proposal to ensure construction of production line to be finished on-schedule;

Installation Services

We provide complete installation services for customers regarding site leveling, foundation drawing inspection, construction progress, team planning, installation instruction, and commissioning to ensure the smooth operation of production lines. In addition, we provide appropriate training for customers to achieve their satisfaction. Thanks to many years of experience in on-site management, the production line is not difficult for ThoYu.