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We are pleasant to share our theory and experience on equipment maintenance with users. We are pleasant to interact with users to collect their tips and know-hows on equipment maintenance. The module “Maintenance” here is intended to help users solve various problems they possibly encounter during equipment maintenance…

Pallet machine maintenance

1. Clean the machine daily. Do not have wood chips and dust near the heating plate. Keep the inside of the cabinet dry and clean, Dust is not allowed.

2. Regularly check if the hydraulic fluid is reduced. Whether there is oil leakage or oil leakage at each interface of the hydraulic oil circuit, whether the hydraulic oil tank is sealed or not, dust cannot enter.

3. Regularly check if the screw of the machine is loose.

4. Regularly check to see if the position of the travel switch changes. The distance between the stroke switch and the mold should be kept at 1-3mm. If the stroke switch does not sense the mold position, the hydraulic system pressure will be too high, and the mold and hydraulic gauge will be damaged.

5. Regularly check if the temperature probe is loose or falling off, and if the temperature will be too high.

Pallet machine operation

1. After switching on the machine, we need to turn on the heater plate knob first.

We set the temperature around 140-150℃ when the heater plate starts working. After the temperature reaches more than 80℃, we need to set the temperature to 120℃. We need to ensure the temperature difference between the set temperature and outlet temperature is less than 40℃.

2. After we open the heater plate, need to loosen all outlet tightening screws.

3. Set the temperature to 100℃ when the temperature of the heater plate reaches 120℃, then start feeding the material.

4. Turn on the hydraulic pump motor, turn the knob to auto, click the auto start button, and the device starts working.

5. After the material is completely extruded, adjust the outlet screw until the pressure is stable to 50-70bar or 50-70kg/cm2. During the pressure regulation, the two inlets of the mold should be kept evenly feeding on the same side. Ensure the output length is the same on the same side.

6. When shutting down the machine, first turn off the heating plate and the central heating rod, then turn off the hydraulic motor, turn the knob to the manual position, and turn off the power (must turn off the power).

Pallet machine Precautions

1. During the production process, keep the blanking uniform, and there should be no empty materials or broken materials.

2. During the production process, please always check the pressure of the equipment. If the pressure more than 70 bar, immediately release all the outlet screws. After the pressure is lowered, adjust the pressure to 50-70 bar.

3. Three screws on the mold, it is not allowed to change

4. If the mold is not used for a long time, use the small wooden block to push out all the raw materials in the mold, and wipe the inside and outside of the mold with oil to prevent the mold from rusting.

Pallet Machine Operating Specifications

1. The raw materials for the production of hot-pressed wood blocks are: wood shavings, shavings, and wood chips, crushed into wood-grain-like broken materials; no large pieces or blocks of hard materials.

2. Dry moisture requirements for raw materials: Raw materials with a water content of not more than 10%; raw materials exceeding the proportion of water may cause water vapor to be discharged during hot pressing, and product cracks may occur.

3. The purity requirement of the glue: urea-formaldehyde glue with a solid content of not less than 55%; the purity of the solid content in the glue water is low, which may cause cracking of the product and low density.

4. Requirements for the production of non-porous products: the moisture content of the raw materials is slightly higher than that of the porous products, and the water content is controlled by 8%; because the non-porous products are in the process of producing hot pressing, the water vapor components are not well discharged. If the moisture is higher than 8%, the surface of the product will crack.

5. The above is the preparation work before production; in addition, the raw materials and glue should be fully stirred evenly to avoid the agglomeration of glue and no glue; there will be a solid and loose part of the product.

6. The machine pressure is controlled within 3-5Mpa to prevent overpressure and deformation of the mold.

7. The machine stops production for more than 5 days (or high humidity, bad weather). It is necessary to clean out the raw materials and finished products in the mold and apply oil to the inner wall of the mold to protect the mold from corrosion. (The glue that makes the product will corrode the mold)

Pallet Machine Instructions

1. Turn on the power for a test run to make sure the motor is running in the right direction.

2. Losing all pressure adjust screws  (IMPORTANT)

3. Rotate the red emergency stop button clockwise to make the switch button ejected. The light is on.

4. Turn the left mold heating switch and the right mold heating switch to the right to start, then the left temperature meter and the right temperature meter indicator will display the temperature number.

5. Setting the temperature on the temperature control table between 110 and 140

6. When the temperature reaches the settled degrees, rotated the left and right heating rod switch to the right, and the voltage of the center temperature voltmeter is adjusted to about 100V.

7. Press the Hydraulic switch button to start the Hydraulic oil pump motor; Turn the Manual Model/Automatic Model switch to the right, and press the automatic mode button. The cylinder and the mold piston start to move.

8. Adjust Press holding time

9. Producing

Put mixed material (Glue 15% + Sawdust/chips 85%) into the silo.

When the material extrudes out of the mold, turn the pressure adjustment screw slightly.

If the pallet is broken, adjust the press holding time longer, and turn the pressure adjusting screw slightly.

Adjust the pressure according to block density requirements.

10. Turn the machine off

Check the pusher piston on both sides of the machine and go to the middle position of the hopper. Then turn the manual/automatic switch to the left and press the hydraulic stop button. The left and right center voltmeter pressures are adjusted to zero, the temperature control switch is turned left, and turn the emergency stop switch off.

Frequently questions

1. The broken of the block may be caused by the high moisture content of the raw material or the low amount of glue and insufficient purity.

2. The surface color is yellowish black or black. Adjust the heating temperature.