how to choose a good pallet in the logistics industry

Sep - 16

how to choose a good pallet in the logistics industry


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In recent years, with the development of warehousing and cargo transportation, pallets have been widely used in various logistics industries. The entire international market is very prosperous. In the future development of the logistics industry, All kinds of pallets have also become very common. Therefore, the purchase of pallets has become an issue that users need to consider. So how to choose a good pallet, now we will analyze it for you.

Types of logistics pallets

According to different materials, pallets can be divided into wood pallets, plastic pallets, steel pallets, and paper pallets. Wooden pallets usually include solid wood pallets and sawdust molded press pallets. Their structure is different, so the production method is also different. Solid wood pallets are usually nailed together by wooden boards, while sawdust molded press pallets are usually produced by sawdust compressed molded pallet production lines. The sawdust after drying and mixing glue is put into the mold of the sawdust molding pallet machine and pressed into a pallet by the machine’s hydraulic system. The pallets also can be classified according to the surface used. There are single-sided and double-sided pallets. The double-sided type increases the service life of the pallet because both sides can be used. According to the way of forklifts, pallets can be divided into three types: one-way fork-in type, two-way fork-in type, and four-way fork-in type.

wood pallet
wood pallet
plastic pallet
plastic pallet
sawdust pallet
sawdust pallet

What do you need to consider when buying a pallet

Pallet size

When choosing a pallet, the size of the pallet is a factor that must be considered. The selection of pallets should be based on the size of the goods, and different types of pallets have different standards. Generally, the size of the pallet adopts international standards. But you can also customize the pallet to the manufacturer according to your own needs.

Pallet material

Pallets are usually made of plastic and wood. These two types of pallets are more common in the logistics industry. Both plastic pallets and wooden pallets have good carrying capacity and are widely used in food, building materials, and chemical industries. Generally, plastic pallets carry a large weight, have good toughness, are not easy to break, have a good waterproof effect, and will not be moldy or rusty. However, wood pallets are lighter in weight, easy to obtain raw materials, relatively simple to process, and cheaper.

The structure of pallet

Wood pallets are usually divided into American pallets and European pallets. The structure of these two pallets is not the same, they are produced by the American pallet production line and the European pallet production line respectively. The American pallet is made up of wood boards and stringers, and the European pallet is made up of wood boards and pallet blocks. Both pallets need to be nailed by a pallet nailing machine at the end. The structure of the plastic pallet can be customized according to needs. The pallets are formed in the molds in the injection molding machine and compression molding machine, and different molds produce different pallets.

American standard pallet
American standard pallet
European standard wood pallet
European standard wood pallet

How to choose the size of the pallet

Internationally, the size of pallets is usually specified in accordance with ISO standards. The size of the cargo container is different in different regions, so the size of the pallet used to transport the cargo is also different. European cargo transportation usually chooses pallets with a size of 1200mmx800mm or 1200mmx1000mm. The United States usually uses pallets with a size of 1219mmx1016mm; Japan and South Korea use pallets with a size of 1100mmx1100mm; for goods in Australia and other places, it is best to choose a pallet with a size of 1165mmx1165mm. If you want to choose the size of a specific pallet, also consider the following factors.

The pallet matches the transportation tool

The appropriate pallet size must match the space size of the transportation tool, which can improve the space utilization of the transportation tool and save logistics and transportation costs, especially considering the box size of the container and the transportation truck.

Pallets match the warehouse space

The size of the pallet must match the placement of the goods in the warehouse. A suitable pallet can make full use of the warehouse space, which can increase the number of goods stored in the warehouse.

The pallet matches the specifications of the goods

The appropriate pallet size must match the packaging specifications of the loaded goods so that the surface area of the pallet can be maximized and the carrying capacity of the pallet can be increased.

Choose pallets according to usage

In logistics, if pallets are frequently used in transportation, loading, and unloading, choose pallets with strong rigidity, high hardness, and large dynamic load. Usually, it is a single-sided pallet with a double-sided fork or Chuan-shaped structure. If pallets are used on warehouse shelves for cargo palletizing, choose pallets that are durable, not easily deformed, and have a large static load. Usually, choose a double-sided pallet with a fork in four directions and a Tian-shaped structure. If the pallet has been placed on the floor for use (the pallet will not be moved after loading the goods), it is necessary to choose a pallet with a simple structure, low cost, moisture-proof and waterproof, and moderate static load.

Pallets in the logistics industry

Logistics pallets usually refer to the horizontal platform on which goods are placed, and play an important role in the assembly, stacking, and transportation of goods. Logistics pallets are usually used together with forklifts, flatbed trucks, or hydraulic trolleys, which can greatly improve logistics efficiency. In logistics, pallets are used as tools to facilitate the transfer of goods. When forklifts move goods, pallets can greatly improve the efficiency of loading and unloading goods.

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