Shipment of Pallet Block Machines to a Multinational Corp in Indonesia

Jun - 23

Shipment of Pallet Block Machines to a Multinational Corp in Indonesia


After the final test runs to check all machines work correctly, a shipment of machines for pallet block production was sent out to the APP, a multinational corporation in Indonesia, on the past weekend.

We paid a visit to this customer in December 2019, and then after deep communication, we learned that they produce tradition wood pallets as well so that they come up with the demand of making further use of the waste wood in the production process. The raw materials used for production is as shown in the picture below.

When we fully knew the nature of raw materials and what this customer really needed, our technical staff customized the design of the pallet block machine, and we proposal our solution to our customer. Our machines will help them to build up a presswood pallet block production line to make further use of the waste wood from traditional wood pallets production.

As you can see that the pallet-making machines manufactured by ThoYu are being sold to international enterprises like the APP which is a global business with operations across Indonesia and China and whose products are being sold in more than 150 countries across six continents. It clearly indicates that ThoYu has the strength in pallet making machines and the quality of its products are highly recognized by customers around the world.

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