What materials can be used for the production of a presswood pallet?

Jun - 22

What materials can be used for the production of a presswood pallet?


To make it clear that what materials can be used for the production of presswood pallet, firstly we shall know what the presswood pallets are. The presswood pallets are any molded fiber material pallets made from wood chips, wood shavings and wood scraps, sawdust, coconut fibers, bagasse, and flax bonded together with an adhesive under high temperature and pressure.

The molded presswood pallet machine provides an innovative presswood manufacturing process by recycling the materials mentioned above using high heat and pressure to create insect-free pallets. With this machine, the production of presswood pallets can divert millions of pounds of wood and plant fibers from landfills to productive use each year.

Up the requests of our customers from Argentina, France, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Thailand, Portugal, and Mexico, Thoyu has successfully tested bagasse, flax, and coconut fiber for presswood pallets on 16th June 2021.

(Presswood Pallet Made From Bagasse)
(Presswood Pallet Made From Flax)

What advantages do the presswood pallets outweigh the traditional solid wood pallets? The presswood pallets are much lighter in weight and less expensive than the traditional solid wood pallets. The presswood pallets are twice as stiff as new hardwood pallets so that they are more stable for improved product protection during transportation. They perform greater resistance to fork-related, pallet edge damage compared to nailed pallet boards. Since they are sanitized under high temperature and pressure during the molding process, there is no need for stamps and expensive heat treatments. They are clean, free of listeria and other contaminants. The bio-based presswood pallets typically price much less than hardwood pallets for using low-cost renewable, plant-based materials. Most importantly, they are 100% recyclable. With a space-saving nestable design, light-weight molded presswood pallets are cost-effective alternatives to conventional heat-treated wood.

As a pallet-making solution provider, ThoYu has been continuously improving and exploring ways to make pallets. If you want to test your materials for making into presswood pallets, you are welcomed to contact our representatives for further information. As for the question at the very beginning, what materials can be used for the production of a presswood pallet? We are always working to lengthen the list of answers.

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