A Consignment of Molded Presswood Pallet Machines Shipped to Tuticorin of India

Jun - 17

A Consignment of Molded Presswood Pallet Machines Shipped to Tuticorin of India


The figures from the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2020 (FRA 2020) reveal that the world has lost 178 million hectares of forest since 1990, which is an area about the size of Libya. Due to the shortage of log supply, its price has been rising up. As a result, the molded presswood pallet is becoming an optimal alternative to traditional solid wood pallet because it is environmentally friendly and resource-saving.

(Figures from Global Forest Resources Assessment 2020)

You may come up with another question: What materials can be made into the molded presswood pallets? Through years of experience and expertise in pallet machinery manufacturing, ThoYu has tested successfully a wide range of raw materials for making molded presswood pallets such as waste wood, sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, straw (wheat/corn), waste paper, bamboo, palm trees, coconut fiber (coir), softwood, bagasse, miscanthus, and even sunflower seed shell.

This Indian customer at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu contacted one of our representatives and said that he was planning to making presswood pallet with palm tree leaves mixing with coconut fiber (coir). We customized the mold in the molded presswood pallet machine according to the nature of the raw materials provided by this customer in order to ensure that the end products presswood pallets produced are better than other similar products in the market. For this consignment of machines shipped to India, they are the chipper machine, the crusher machine, the rotary drum dryer machine, the glue mixing machine, the coconut fiber cutting machine, and most importantly the molded presswood pallet machine manufactured by ThoYu. All these machines are expected to help this customer to build up a complete production line of molded presswood pallets with an output of 720 pieces per day.

The machines by ThoYu are arriving in Tuticorin port of India by early July. ThoYu wishes our customer every success in his near future business. As a professional solution provider for pallet-making machinery, ThoYu is always ready to develop new ways for pallet making upon your requests. You are welcomed to contact our representatives to let us know your raw material and expected end product pallet. We will give you a prime resolution.

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