How to choose the raw material of wood pallets

Oct - 15
Timber for the production of wooden pallets

How to choose the raw material of wood pallets


the raw material for wood pallets|What can be used to produce wood pallets

With the development of the economy, more and more industries will use wood pallets. The current development of the logistics transportation and warehousing industry has increased the demand for wood pallets.No matter what type of wood pallet you produce, you need to carefully choose the raw materials of the pallet. Wood pallets are widely used in loading and unloading equipment in various industries. The choice of material also determines the quality of the wood pallet, so the choice of material is very important. When choosing wood pallets, customers always wonder what kind of wood is used for wood pallets and how do we choose the raw material of wooden pallets? In order to help customers choose a good pallet, let’s discuss this issue together.

Timber for the production of wooden pallets
Timber for the production of wood pallets
Common raw materials for the production of wooden pallets
Common raw materials for the production of wood pallets

Which kind of wood is good for producing pallets

The performance of wood pallets mainly depends on the raw materials, and usually also determines the weight and price of wood pallets. At present, the common wood pallets have the following materials:

1. Pinewood: The wood has relatively coarse texture, hardwood, and moderate price. It is one of the commonly used woods in the manufacture of wood pallets. It is mostly used to manufacture high-quality wood pallets, but the price is relatively high.

2. Poplar: The material is loose and soft, and has poor durability. It is suitable for manufacturing wood pallets with low load-bearing requirements.

3. Hardwoods: usually elm, birch, locust, willow, etc. The texture is dense, the wood is hard and heavy, the load-bearing ability is good, and the price is low.

Factors that determine the quality of wood pallets

The choice of material for wood pallets is very important. Poplar and pine can carry a lot of weight, and usually, pine has high stability. In actual use, the quality of birch pallets is the best. Therefore, the difference between the materials is still very big. When choosing a wood pallet, pay attention to whether the performance of the wooden pallet is suitable for your own industry. The quality of wood pallets does not only depend on the material. When selecting, check each board, support board, and wood pier of the wood pallet to see if there are cracks, wormholes, burrs, etc. There should be no large gap between the wood pier and the plank. Whether there are fewer nails on the wood pallet will affect the quality of the wood pallet.

Choose wood pallet raw materials according to the use environment

Temperature conditions

Different use temperatures directly affect the choice of wood pallet manufacturing materials. This is because pallets of different materials have a temperature range within which they can perform their performance normally.

Cleanliness of the use environment

When choosing a wood pallet, the cleanliness of the environment in which the pallet is used should be considered. In a highly polluted environment, the pallet needs to be stain-resistant and easy to clean. Generally, wood pallets are not suitable, but plastic pallets are better.

Humidity of the environment

Some wood pallets are highly hygroscopic and cannot be used in a humid environment, otherwise, it will directly affect their service life. Pay attention when choosing wood pallets.

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