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Nov - 23
plastic pallet

The Dynamic Load Test of Molded Plastic Pallet

ThoYu had tested the dynamic load of molded plastic pallet. And the dynamic load test result, is molded plastic pallet can bear more than 1.5 tons. Dynamic load test The surface of molded plastic pallet is loaded with 60 bags…

Nov - 12

ThoYu Customers Came To Test Pressed Plastic Pallet Machine

ThoYu’s customers came to test pressed plastic pallet machine on November 10th, 2020. And they have a good visit. The company of our customers from Japan is committed to the work of environmental protection. They produce plastic packaging materials. And…

Nov - 11

Vertical Superfine Wood Powder Machine

Vertical superfine wood powder machine is a powder making equipment used for special difficult crushing of light materials, fiber materials, brittle materials, tough materials, etc. Vertical superfine wood powder machine improves the fineness of wood powder to 10-320 meshes, solving…

Nov - 11

Wood Powder Machine

Wood powder machine is an innovation that integrates the crushing principles of a variety of traditional crushers. The traditional crusher with one crushing principle is successfully developed into a set of three through the bold ideas of our company personnel…