Pallet Block Cutting Machine (Multiple-Blade Model) Shipped to Saudi Arabia

Oct - 14
pallet block cutting machine (multiple-blade model)

Pallet Block Cutting Machine (Multiple-Blade Model) Shipped to Saudi Arabia


Pallet block cutting machine (multiple-blade model) was shipped to Saudi Arabia from China. The following are the details.

Our client from Saudi Arabia ordered pallet block cutting machine (multiple-blade model) in April, 2020. And they did not visit ThoYu pallet block cutting machines factory before. And pallet block cutting machine (multiple-blade model) is a very simple machine.

Pallet block cutting machine (multiple-blade model) is suitable for processing shavings pallet blocks, solid woods, multi-layer woods. Multiple-blade model pallet block cutting machine is stable, efficient, safe, and simple, and so on. And it is also dominant in wood pallet processing equipment.

Chain plate/chain feeding, and navigation sheet discharge, is suitable for processing shorter wood. The feeding chain penetrates the machine frame, and the whole chain feeding can cut the shorter wooden side and the sawing is smoother. This device can make it more economical than other types of multi-blade saws.

Features of Pallet Block Cutting Machine (Multiple-Blade Model)

  1. High production efficiency, with cutting 5 m3 in one hour.
  2. The bullet-proof chain is installed at the inlet to prevent the wood chips from rebounding. And the slope is installed at the discharge port, and the discharge is smooth, preventing the wood from flying out.
  3. There is a safety shield on the top of pallet block cutting machine (multiple-blade model), so it is safer to place the wood.
  4. The whole process is automatic feeding, the upper and lower shaft structure, multi-piece sawing, continuous discharging, so the efficiency is increased by 5-6 times, and the sawing road is thinner than other machines.
  5. Excellent quality motor for long service life.
  6. The multi-blade sawing process is stable, the sawing precision is high, the surface is smooth and flat, no need to re-process, and reducing wood waste.
  7. The power-enhanced feeding conveyor is strong and powerful, reducing the labor intensity of workers and making the sawing logs more stable.
  8. Powerful cylinder drives feeding, and low failure rate. High quality imported transmission chain is with durability.

ThoYu is the professional manufacturer of pallet block cutting machine in China. And our clients are from Italy, France, Finland, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Tunisia, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, India, and so on.

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