Single-Head Wood Pallet Block Machine

Feb - 24
single head wood pallet block machine

Single-Head Wood Pallet Block Machine

Single-head wood pallet block machine is used to make the pallet feet, which are for the transportation pallet. The final product could get the E1 grade. The pallet feet can be solid without a hole in the middle, and also can be hollow.

The advantages of final product from wood pallet block machine

A. Free fumigation. The block is made by hot pressing.

B. It could recycle the wood waste efficiently.

C. Easy to operate. One person could handle 3 machines.

D. Density of final product could get to 550-800 kg/m3.

E. The size of final pellet block can be adjustable.

F. One machine could make two different block sizes.

Block sizes of wood pallet block making machine  

Normally 90*90 mm, 90*100 mm, 100*100 mm,80*90 mm. If you have special requirements, we could customize, while, it ranges from 75 mm to 145 mm.

Parameters of wood pallet block machine

ModelLength and width of blockPower (kW)Production efficiency(m³/24 hours)Dimension with saw (m)Weight (kg)

75-145 mm