Automatic wood pallet nailing machine for sale

    automatic wood pallet nailing machine

    Automatic wood pallet nailing machine for sale

    automatic wood pallet nailing machine is designed to produce American standard pallets, European standard pallet, and customized pallets.

    Auto wood pallet nailing machine is equipped with the finished pallet reversing and picking device, which has high automation degree, smooth and tight process flow, and can be equipped with automatic pallet stacking machine and one-stop nailing and stacking production.

    Auto pallet nailing machine adopts a fully automatic program, and the operating system adopts imported PLC control, the touch screen is simple to operate, with convenient control, and accurate nailing position. Compared with the domestic conventional production process, auto pallet nailing machine is with multiple processes are completed at one time, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

    Wood pallet nailing machine parameters

    Capacity2 pallets/ 3 minutes
    Working modeArtificial feeding/Auto Nailing/Auto stacking
    Operating modeTouch screen control
    Operational modePneumatic operation
    Motor power1.5 kW servo motor
    Air pressure0.8 MPa
    Tank size0.2 cubic meters
    Nail gun speed7 time/second
    Nail applyLess than 80 mm
    Voltage380 V, three-phase
    Weight2000 kg
    Overall dimensionsThe host 2000*2800*2600 mm
    Stacking 2600*1900*1600 mm

    Auto Pallet Stacking Machine

    Automatic pallet stacking machine is equipped with an automatic lifting device for the pallet. The automatic display function is provided on the display interface of the auto pallet nailing machine. The conventional storage can store 2 stacks of pallets and 16 pallets per stack.

    automatic pallet stacking machine
    Automatic Pallet Stacking Machine

    Automatic nailing and stacking are connected into the whole production line. After the nailing process is completed, the finished wooden pallets are automatically flipped onto the stacking platform by the flipped workpiece and stacked neatly.

    So that it can achieve the effect of automatic receiving, which is convenient for forklift transportation; at the same time, saving the time of the nailing machine and the stacking operation. On account of the workpieces do not need to be stacked and rotated, and directly flipped into the lifting platform. It not only reduces the labor intensity but also reduces time and space for handling.

    Automatic wood pallet nailing machine is equipped with automatic pallet automatic corner conveying, which can be transported out from pallet stacking machine and can store 4 stacks of nearly 100 pallets to save space.

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