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Compressed Pallet Machine,Presswood Pallet Mould Machine

The compressed pallet machine mainly uses waste wood, sawdust, shavings and straw as raw materials to produce molded pallets. These raw materials are very common in life and easy to get. The compressed wood pallet machine is very simple in structure and easy to operate, and can produce various types of wood chips molded pallets.The mold is the core part of the machine. By customizing different molds, hydraulic pallet machine can produce molded pallets of various specifications. Customers can choose suitable molded wood pallet machine according to their needs.

Introduction of sawdust pallet press machine


The molded wood pallet machine has been verified by our factory for many years, with good stability, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, easy installation and safe operation. The mold is heated with heat transfer oil as the heat source. The presswood pallet machine is energy-saving, stable, easy to operate, occupies a small area, has no special requirements for the workshop, and can produce compressed pallets of various specificationsThe moulds of this kind of wood recycling machine can be customized according to the shape and size of the pallets you want to produce. The pallet compression machine produced by our company are divided into single-station pallet molding machines and double-station pallet molding machines.

Processing technology of pallet compression machine

Presswood pallets equipment is a set of molding pallet forming machinery independently developed by our company. the sawdust mould press machine can automatically complete all the work. In the process of processing, the material is placed in the mold of the wood pallet molding machine. The pallet molding machine can automatically complete the whole process of pressing, holding pressure, timing, pressure relief, demoulding and lifting.

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Types of pallet molding machines

Single station pallet molding machine
There is only one set of molds in the single-station pallet molding machine, and a certain waiting time is required when the machine is loaded, pressed down, maintained pressure, and opened the mold. The efficiency of the machine's processing pallet is not as high as that of the double-station pallet molding machine.

Double station pallet molding machine
The double-station press machine is a popular pallet processing machine on the market. Due to higher production capacity and more energy saving, it is favored by more and more pallet processing plants. There are two sets of molds in the double-station press that can process pallets in turn, and the processing efficiency is higher. The two sets of molds can move in parallel under the drive of the servo motor. When one set of molds is used to hold the pressure and shape the pallet inside, the other set of molds can be used for feeding, adding the raw materials into the mold and flattening it. The double-station press is independently developed by our company in order to solve the low processing efficiency of traditional compressed pallets in production practice. It has completely independent intellectual property rights. The machine runs stably and greatly saves the time required for processing a single pallet. The machine cost of the double-station pallet press is not much higher than that of the single-station press, but the production capacity is greatly improved. At present, it has become the mainstream molded pallet processing equipment on the market.


Technical parameters of pallet molding machine

 Model single station PM-1000 double station PM-1000D
Raw materials: wood chips, waste wood, flax, sugar cane bagasse
Pallet size: :1.2x1.0m/ 1.2x0.8m( accept customized)
Main structure: 3 beam 4 column
Material: framework Q235A;  column: 45#  mold: 45#
Pressure:1000 (Ton)
Support LOGO customized
Pallet weight: 18Kg / 20Kg /22Kg;Dynamic load: 1.5-2 Tons;Statics load: 6-9Tons
Smart Gateway: Running state, production capacity and program control can be managed online.
Electronic component: Schneider; PLC: Siemens or Mitsubishi;Screen: Weview; Servo motor brand: Albert
 Capacity: 324 pcs/24h 432 pcs/24h
Mold number: one upper mold and one lower mold one upper mold and two lower molds
 Dimension 2000x1800x4850mm 4800x2100x5250mm
 Weight 22 Tons 37 Tons

Features of wood pallet press machine

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1 We redesigned and optimized the structure on the original machine, and adopted a three-beam four-column structure, which is simple, economical and practical.
2. The hydraulic control adopts the integrated system of the cartridge valve, which has reliable action, long service life and small hydraulic shock, which reduces the oil leakage of the connecting pipeline.
3. The whole machine has an independent electrical control system, which is reliable in operation, objective in action and convenient in maintenance.
4. Adopt button centralized control, with three operation modes: adjustment, manual and semi-automatic.
5. Through the operation panel selection, two forming processes of fixed stroke and constant pressure can be realized, and it has functions such as pressure holding and delay.
6. The working pressure of the mold, the travel range of the no-load fast descending and the slow working advance can be adjusted according to the process needs.

Raw material for compressed wood pallet machine

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The raw materials for moulded pallets can be waste wood, sawdust, sawdust, shavings, logs, burnt forest, planks, branches, wood chips, waste pallets, etc. and wood processing residues (slabs, slats, garden wood core, waste veneer, etc.). It can also be used for non-wood materials (such as hemp stalk, cotton stalk, reed, bamboo, etc.). Any raw material rich in fiber can be used to produce pallets, such as straw, waste paper, bamboo, palm tree, coconut, cork, wheat straw, bagasse, miscanthus, etc. Before molding the raw materials, it needs to be crushed to the size required for production, so that the fibers of the raw materials are neat and consistent, and the products are more beautiful.

Advantages of wood pallet hydraulic machine

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High precision
The compressed wood pallet machine is a vertical structure of a four-column hydraulic press. The frame adopts a three-beam four-column structure, which has good strength, rigidity and precision retention.

high degree of automation
The hot press machine for pallet adopts the integration of machine, electricity and liquid, and the operation of each part is controlled by the PLC system. The automatic hydraulic pallet machine can be operated by setting parameters through the touch screen.

low cost
The raw materials of the molded wooden pallets are readily available and the production cost is low. Many raw materials can be produced into molded pallets, such as sawdust, logs, lumber, wood shavings, waste wood, waste pallets, straw, etc.

Energy saving and environmental protection
Various waste woods are mainly used in the production of pallets, which increases the utilization rate of renewable resources and is more environmentally friendly. In the production process, no waste water and waste will be produced, which effectively reduces environmental pollution.

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