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Pallet Deck Board Chamfer Machine

Wood pallet chamfer machine is mainly used for wood pallet production line. Before nailing the pallet, the wood chamfer is required to chamfer the edges of the bottom rail of the wooden pallet. Chamfered wooden pallets can be easily supported by forklift forks to prevent damage to pallets due to forklift operation. This pallet deck board chamfer machine is mainly used for chamfering solid wood, which can prolong the service life of wood pallet. Our chamfer machine is PLC controlled, so the chamfer size can be adjusted according to your needs.

Working principle of wood chamfer machine


While the equipment is running, the worker places the whole piece of wood on the operating table. The wood will be pushed forward towards the cutting blade at a constant speed as the chain runs. The blade of pallet deck board chamfer machine rotates to mill the edges, and the milling wood is sent out with the running chain to complete the chamfering.

Wood Boards chamfer machine features

1. Chamfer size can be adjusted. You can enter values on the control panel of the wood pallet chamfer machine to adjust the chamfering of wood materials of different lengths.
2. wood pallet chamfer machine adopts automatic control, safe operation. The worker's fingers must not touch the tool during the entire operation.
3. the cutting size is accurate, the cutting surface of the wood material is smooth, and the size is consistent.

Wood chamfer machine (8)

Wooden pallet chamfering machine parameters



Cutting size

 Wood chamfer machine (1)


Automatic Wood Pallet Block Nailing Machine (4)400pcs/hour


 CNC wood cutting saw (4)4kW

Wood chamfer machine (2)

Performance characteristics of wood pallet chamfer machine

Wood chamfer machine (3)

The cutting size is accurate: the cut surface of the board is smooth and the size is consistent.

Simple operation: the equipment structure is simple, one worker can operate it;

Automatic control: the machine is very safe to operate, the whole operation process, workers' fingers can not touch the cutting tool.

Adjustable size: You can input the value, and adjust the length of different lengths of the board; The size of the edge can be adjusted.

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