Russian Customers Toured ThoYu Wood Pallet Project Factory

Aug - 21
wood pallet project

Russian Customers Toured ThoYu Wood Pallet Project Factory


Russian Customers toured ThoYu wood pallet project factory on 9th August, 2018.

The customers from Russia are very satisfied with the performance of the wood pallet machines after testing them. And they also spoke highly of the working conditions, and the machine construction. Besides, they praised the final presswood pallets.

We had discussed with the customers on the whole project of compressed wood pallets. We had discussed the preliminary plan and some special requirement.

Compressed wood pallets are more and more popular all over the world, especially in Europe. Not merely because the features of presswood pallets, but they are made of wood waste. And wood pallet machine can turn wood waste into compressed pallets. Meantime, it is the ideal equipment for recycling waste wood. So wood pallet machine can help to protect our environment. Our hot wood pallet project has competitive advantages. They are low investment, nice appearance, precise structure, stable working ability, and so on.

Out Russian customers want to produce the presswood pallet, which size is 1200 mm*800 mm. And they produced pallets for themselves. After friendly and reasonable discussion, we suggested our customers to find the local glue supplier to reduce the cost. At the same time, our wood pallet machine can produce high-quality pallets to meet the customer’s needs.

wood pallet project

Advantages of wood pallet project:

  1. Low capital input

The raw materials for hot press wood pallet project are very cheap, even for free. And they are spreading throughout the world. A great deal of raw materials are suitable for producing presswood pallets, such as wood chips, wood leftover materials, wood scraps and so on. Therefore, the capital input of the whole hot press wood pallet project is lower than the traditional wooden pallet.

  1. High durability.

All the machines of wood pallet project are wood chipper, wood crusher, wood dryer, wood pallet machine, and other supporting equipment. And they are all made from the durable materials

Thus, they can reduce the maintenance costs and longer the service life of all the machines.

  1. High automation.

The whole wood pallet project can achieve all the process automatically controlled by PLC system. And all the production date can be record and recall. Meanwhile, it also can reduce the labor cost of all the pallet project.

Features of the final presswood pallet

presswood pallet

  1. Saving space

Molded wood pallets of the same size can be stacked together and easily separated by a forklift. And the molded pallet saves space up to 70%. For example, the height of 20 pieces of presswood nestable pallets is about 0.75 meter. The bottom of the pallets is designed to meet the international standards and is suitable for the standardization operation of international manual and automatic forklifts.

  1. Light weight

Presswood pallets are 60% lighter than the traditional wooden pallets, but with the same load capacity.

  1. New design

Presswood pallets are with the rounded, nail-free design plus ribs to increase the load capacity. At the same time, precise one-time molding is not easy to bend.

  1. Safe and reliable

Presswood pallet is one-piece design with no nails or other impurities, effectively reducing damage to the goods and packaging. The absence of burrs and burrs also reduces injuries to people.

  1. Green

The molded pallets are the resource-friendly product, and are also wood recycling product. And they are made from the waste wood recycled from the wood processing industry such as sawmills.

Looking back to July, 2016, our Russian customers visited our factory first time. And this is their second time to visit our factory. They had both very nice tour of our pallet machine factory.

Thanks for our Russian customer’s trust and support. ThoYu also wish that all customers can get more from presswood pallet business.

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