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ThoYu Huge Coupon Notification

2022 is coming to an end, are you still hesitating about choosing the right pallet machine, are you still struggling with the price of pallet machine? Now let me tell you a good news. In order to repay the support of new and old customers, and to better support the improvement of pallet production efficiency of new and old customers, as a high-quality supplier of pallet equipment in China, ThoYu is willing to provide huge discounts for new and old customers. You can get the following coupons on our official website according to the consumption amount:

$ 200 OFF   Consumption over $10,000
$ 600 OFF   Consumption over $30,000
$ 1,200 OFF  Consumption over $50,000
$ 2,500 OFF  Consumption over $100,000
$ 6,000 OFF  Consumption over $300,000
$ 16,000 OFF  Consumption over $800,000
$ 22,000 OFF  Consumption over $1 ,000,000

The above discount amount is directly deducted from the total price, and each customer can only use one coupon. The promotion is real and effective, you can get coupon from 12.8-12.15. The coupon is available throughout December. Please use it during the event. The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to ThoYu. If you want to know more details, welcome to consult us in time!


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Post time: Nov-25-2022