News - UAE customers purchase automatic wooden pallet production line
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UAE customers purchase automatic wooden pallet production line

On June 6, 2022, after a lot of understanding and comparison, the UAE customer signed a contract with ThoYu to purchase a fully automated wooden pallet production line from us. We have won a new customer in the UAE with our excellent service, and production is currently underway.
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The client is from India and runs a pallet factory in the UAE in partnership with a friend. Due to the rapid development of the logistics industry, the demand for wooden pallets in the market has soared, and the business of customers has become very hot. In order to expand production capacity to meet market demand, the customer wants to purchase a fully automatic wooden pallet production line.
Customers have been looking for reliable suppliers, and they are not very satisfied after comparing many. After the introduction of an old customer in the UAE, the customer learned about us and got in touch with us. This old customer is doing pallet rental in the United Arab Emirates and has a pallet factory locally. The equipment for producing pallets is purchased from us. The customer made a special trip to the old customer’s factory to visit our machine, highly appreciated our equipment, and decided to buy our machine.
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After understanding the customer’s needs, our sales recommends the CP7 pallet production line to the customer, which is mainly composed of a nailing machine and a palletizer. Our nailing machine can realize automatic nailing, and the position of the nails is controlled by the program. The size of the pallet can be adjusted, and a wooden pallet production line equipment can produce a variety of wooden pallets of different sizes. The machine runs stably and has high production efficiency. It can be equipped with an automatic palletizing machine for finished pallets, equipped with an automatic pallet lifting device, and an automatic counting function on the machine host, which can stack dozens of pallets, which can greatly save space.
The customer was very satisfied with our solution, so intense production started. In the process of production, we constantly adjust the plan according to the requirements of customers, and strive to produce higher quality machines

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Post time: Sep-02-2022